A little bit about keto

“Keto” is just short for a ketogenic diet. Which is just a fancy way of saying “low-carb.” So think of things like Atkins and you’ve got the gist at least. Toby and I are aiming for 20-50 net carbs a day. “Net-carbs” means the 2 cups of baby spinach I had with supper has 4g of carbs and 2g of fibre so there are 2g of net-carbs (carbs – fibre = net carbs).

I’ve never thought all that much about what is “in” my food. I swear I thought all food had some of fat, protein and carbs in them. Except now that I type that out I realize that I know that oil is all fat so clearly that’s not accurate. But I thought carbs were in everything.

Turns out they’re not.

Examples of things with no carbs: meat – most of it. Clearly not the stuff dipped in batter and fried but steaks, pork chops, bacon, chicken, turkey, fish. Fats and oils – pretty much all of them are okay.

Lots of salad veggies have low to no carbs: a cup of bok choy has less than 0.5g of net carbs. Same with all the different kinds of lettuces. In terms of quick and dirty rules of thumb I think the more sweet a veggie is the more net carbs it has. Beans have more than lettuce, tomatoes have a lot too.

It’ll be a bit hard I think to go without bread, although day 1 seems to be going just dandy actually, but there are a couple of things that make it okay.

Coffee? 0 carbs.

Oh and


whisky? Also 0 carbs. And yep, I ran Q in to day care today and did 50 squats for Day 1 of a 30 day squat challenge.


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