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Knitted Blanket – inukshuk

A few years ago now, Toby and I took a couple of intro to knitting classes at a shop in Kensington Market. Yep, Toby was the only guy but he enjoyed it and we made a scarf and then a baby hat. I kept it up a bit more than he did and one day I was flipping through a catalogue from a craft store when my dad says “hey that looks nice, make me that.” A blanket! WTF?

Well, why not? I thought.

I thought I had some more work in progress pictures but maybe they were from the old camera. I’ll have to check out the big Mac to see if they’re on there.

I got to do a couple of new things making the blanket: double stranded knitting – so knitting with two strands of yarn at the same time. And it was knit on one circular needle – which meant casting on a little bit shy of 200 stitches!

Anyway, here it is:

bottom - about half way done
bottom – about half way done


top half - almost done!
top half – almost done!

And the whole darn thing:


It’s really soft and comfy. And my dad completely forgot that he had asked for it! Sigh.

I really liked making it because it really doesn’t matter that I knit a little tight. I worry about making clothes and stuff for that reason. But it also means I have leftover yarn, and, well, I thought it would be fun to make a scarf with the circular needle so….


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Would love to have the knitting pattern for the Inuhshuk blanket to make for my grandson!!
Do you know where I could find it? Please..

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