Playing tourist at home

Quentin is getting older now and I think will really enjoy doing more than maybe just playing in the park on Saturdays. My folks are great and take him places on Sunday afternoons too – gives me time to get my long runs in – but I thought he and I could really start to play tourist at home now. Toronto in general, our new home in Riverdale more specifically…


from wikipedia

And what better way to start than close to home? This Saturday (Sunday too for the art walk) are two events: the Eats & Beats in Riverside and the Riverdale Art Walk – both are along Queen St East in our end of town. The Art Walk starts at 11 am and the Eat & Beats not until 1 pm. Q usually starts his nap around 12:30 – 1 pm though we’ve got a piano repair guy coming by for 1 pm so it sort of makes sense for Q and me to head down to Queen East.


Oh and the fact that the Riverdale Historical Society is having a lawn sale in the park Saturday morning? The icing on the cake.

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