Fitness Friday (May 31/13) – 1 month done

This week hasn’t been the greatest. I’ve been a bit stressed at work and a bit crampy and out of sorts. :/ I didn’t give in to any sweet/salty cravings, which for me usually amounts to chocolate and potato chips so I’m pleased about that. I did drink more this week than I have all month though so I was kinda surprised to weigh myself this morning and find I lost another 3.5 pounds this week for a total of 18 pounds for the month of May!

I’m supposed to update my measurements and weight and pictures and everything today (hence this is being posted a little later in the day – I needed to take the pictures and then upload etc and I’m old remember, I’m still getting the hang of all this technology).

Anyway here’s the change in month one
Pounds lost: 18 pounds
Inches lost from waist: 2    hips: 2    chest: 2

I’m really glad I took the measurements ’cause I find it very hard to see the weight change myself although I know that some clothes that used to be too tight fit and others are too loose.

Other things – Toby’s been amazing with the cooking. This week alone we’ve had a mexican spiced cheesy casserole thing, chicken curry with saag and paneer that Toby made! and twice – let me repeat that – I have TWICE eaten cauliflower.

pepperoni cauliflower casserole from

pepperoni cauliflower casserole from

Cheesy cauliflower goodness from

Oh and here are the pictures of me:
A reminder of the first one.

And here’s number 2. I think I’ll take them in regular clothes from now on, only because on some days Friday might be a rest day 😉 Toby says the first ones sucked – so he took these ones:



Seriously, I hate that I cannot see more of a difference although I have asked this week – completely NOT fishing for compliments – whether people can see a difference. Even my dad said “ya, a little bit.” So there we go. Not much running this week at all to speak of so Sunday’s post may be more about my new training plan than anything else.

Edited to add: I thought I’d join a link up called “Fit Friday.” Here’s the button if you’re interested!

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