Chocolate Almond Cake – low carb!

Well, it finally happened – Toby found a recipe he wanted me to try over at The Frugal LowCarber: Chocolate Almond Meal Cake.

This will be cake

This will be cake

The yellow-y stuff is ground almonds. I mentioned to some of the people at work who tried the cake that maybe next time I’ll grind the almonds a little finer. The ones I used are just the regular ground almonds from the bulk food store (I <3 Bulk Barn). They all said no – they liked the texture of them. Hmmm have to think about that.

Splenda and cocoa powder

Splenda and cocoa powder

One of the things you do not eat when eating keto is sugar. Like at all. So I’ve had to wrap my head around eating splenda and swerve (erythritol). I spent a lot of time avoiding “processed” stuff – and splenda to me = processed. But if I want to bake more often then that’s what I’m gonna do. Good thing Costco sells these huge bags of splenda (which weigh next to nothing)

It’s a great recipe, easy to follow and clear. I didn’t change anything so I highly recommend you go over to the Frugal LowCarber. This is my first recipe of her’s that I’ve tried. I’ll definitely go back for more.

About to go in the oven

About to go in the oven

IMG_2981Have I mentioned how much I love my oven? I really need to get on the house-hunting, moving in, reno posts!

IMG_2983All done and waiting to cool (at least a little) much to Toby’s chagrin.

IMG_2984Bonus points to anyone who recognizes the logo on the plate 😉

So Q had just gotten up from his nap when this was cool enough to eat so he and Toby were my taste-testers. Toby had a bite and I could tell he wasn’t sure. It definitely doesn’t taste like “chocolate cake” but it definitely tastes like “chocolate almond cake.”
Q watched Toby have some and he opened his mouth all sleepy and dopey like. He took a bite of the piece I held up and ate it. I asked him how it was. Q, is it yummy? Do you like it? Q’s response? He opened his mouth for more. I’ll count that as a win.

3 thoughts on “Chocolate Almond Cake – low carb!

  1. Philecia

    I found this recipe a while back and love it! Unfortunately the Frugal LowCarber blog is no longer available and I didn’t write down the recipe. I am hoping to find it again. Your website was sent to me by another person, whom I emailed, because you have the picture. Is it possible you have the measurements for the ingredients? I remembered some of it but not enough to try to wing it.
    Thank you! Philecia

  2. whiskybaker Post author

    Hello Philecia – sorry I took so long to respond (it’s been a crazy December). I’ll check my papers – usually I print out a recipe I’m trying out, especially the first time I do it. Maybe I’ll still have it

  3. Philecia

    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond! This was one of my favorite low carb dessert recipes and I’m having a hard time finding anything to replace it. I had made a few modifications, which I wrote down, but didn’t write the original. Your pictures would help me some but if you have it written down that would be wonderful! Thank you again!


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