Imaginary run to PEI – week 10

Maybe I should take bets… or have a contest or something about what week it’ll be when I actually GET to PEI. What do you think?

Just when I thought my running couldn’t get any worse, well, it did. Only two runs last week – including a 5k race that I was (obviously) woefully unprepared for.

On Monday we had a huge storm roll through Toronto and cause huge amounts of damage and generally make life annoying for a day or so. Toby wouldn’t let me go run at the track so I ran on the treadmill and did my intervals there. It’s hard to think that the last time I started to run (in 2008) I spent the first few months on a treadmill afraid to go outside. I swear, I only stayed in on Monday ’cause there were police alerts asking people to stay in unless absolutely necessary. There’s a TV and everything down there now but between the treadmill and the fan, it’s hard to hear the TV. Maybe I should pay attention next time to those ads “wear this device and hear sounds 100s of yards away.”

IMG_4548and there’s my ed belfour autographed goalie stick too. Clearly we didn’t have any power outages or water issues during the storm.

So I ran Monday. Then uhm. 5 days went by and the next thing you know my friend Suzy picked up my race kit and I was gonna get her Sunday morning and head up to Sunnybrook park. Wheeeee. The race was Dawn at the Don and it was pretty good. Only about 350 runners total (between the 5 and an 8k race). It wasn’t exactly cheap but overall I was satisfied with it. There was one water/gatorade station and the usual tents set up. The race kit came with a choice of hat or water bottle and the usual flyers and a treat sized chocolate. Not sure I’d go out of my way to run it again but I also wouldn’t refuse to run it (like I won’t run any of the Toronto Women’s Runs races).

flat runner; and the skirt is awesome

flat runner; and the skirt is awesome

I had a couple of bad running weeks in June but July had started really well and despite the lack of running this week I thought I’d stick with my initial plan: start recklessly fast and hold it as long as possible. I essentially pulled a number out of a hat and thought I’d go at 6 min/km (my previous best 5 km race time worked out to 6:57 min/km) and hold it as long as I could. I was aiming for 15 minutes. I lasted 5. True it was warm (over 30 with the humidity) but man oh man was it too much!

My garmin messed up, or rather I messed up with my garmin, so I didn’t know the time or distance since the start just my current pace. Suzy tracks her runs on the map my run app and she says we did the first mile in 9:47 which was awesome. We did the 3rd in 11:47 (or thereabouts) which is much less awesome. Suzy though, all round awesome. She stuck with me and listened to me complain about my ribs hurting to breathe etc. She encouraged but never made fun of. And at the end she sped up a little knowing I’d do my best to keep up and then she slowed right down at the end so that I’d pass the line first. She knew how much I wanted to beat my best time and, even though she could have left me behind half way through and finished far earlier, she got it into her head that she was gonna get me through it. I have some pretty nifty friends don’tcha think?

The official time has us crossing at 34:11 which would be a PR by about 30 seconds for me from the Toronto Challenge on June 9. Suzy had us timed at about 34:50 so I have my doubts about the official time but as that’s what I’ve used for all my races that’s what I’ll use here.

I told Toby afterwards that I’d just have to run more 5ks if I want to be able to work past that “oh my goodness my lungs are on fire” feeling (or wait for more suitable temps). If I want to get better at them then I have to do more of them. BUT I’m not so sure I care enough about them to want to get better at them. I mean, I guess I will as I lose weight generally and get stronger running the longer races but I don’t want to fuss about a 5k. I LOVED the 10 miler I did in 2009. I LOVED the 15k night race. Those were great distances. Clearly, I love half marathons. I have no desire to go further (except if the Around the Bay is on my birthday again) and really, no desire to race 5kms. Except of course the compulsive part of me wants a PR under 30 so I’m gonna have to keep trying.

Only 14 k last week so I’m just going to add it to next week’s total when I map it out on my journey to PEI.

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