Cheesecake with brownie crust – keto friendly

I really wanted to post the pictures of my recent strawberry-jam-making adventure but figured I ought to do another keto friendly recipe first. We had some good friends over for supper in June and it was a completely keto friendly menu (except for the quantity of wine of course).

yep, that's a huge hunk of meat

yep, that’s a huge hunk of meat

Toby made this huge prime rib roast and stuffed mushroom caps:



before cooking

after baking...and uhm, some had been eaten

after baking…and uhm, some had been eaten

Also cheese covered summer squash, oh yea, and that prime rib thing:

arty cooking picture

arty cooking picture

But here I am supposed to be talking about the dessert!

Toby found this recipe on a website called All Day I Dream About Food and it seemed too good to be true. Let me tell you, it is pretty damn good.

This (plus cocoa powder) will be cake...

This (plus cocoa powder) will be cake…

As it was the first time I was trying the recipe I tried to follow it as closely as possible, well, except the part about melting the chocolate in the microwave. We don’t have one!


chocolate base

chocolate base

Chocolate, almond flour, walnuts, eggs, fake sugar, butter and vanilla all met together to form the brownie base of the cake.


All baked. Seriously, my baking posts are kinda lame when they amount to “I followed the recipe” but still neat to see what the final product looks like made at home I think.

after it was released from the pan

after it was released from the pan

And uhm, there was much wine and talking and I forgot to take a picture of the cake after it had chilled until it was almost all gone


Served with a dollop of whipped cream:


It definitely makes it easier to change your approach to eating when you can eat stuff like this. Especially with good friends.

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