Where I spend my money – Sweet December Hats

I’m part of an online mommy group where the kids were all born in and around January 2011 (so some in December 2010 and some in February 2011 and a couple of others too). One of the moms in the group is Bethany. She lives in Colorado and has a shop on Etsy – Sweet December Hats. I absolutely love her stuff – and so does Q:

Feb. 2013

Feb. 2013

She often has a sale or something on clearance posted on her facebook page. I bought a lovely band for my niece and was poking about her etsy shop and had to order the santa hat

from sweet december hats

In fact, I ordered two – one for Q and one for my nephew H. One has a sparkly silver thread running through it so I could tell the two apart.

looking pretty cute if I do say so myself

looking pretty cute if I do say so myself

Q at first reacted as he usually does with hats “no momma, no hat” but I managed to snap the picture first. I showed it to him and he beamed “SNOW MAN HAT!” He grabbed it back from me, stuffed it back on his head and ran around the house saying “I want it to snow, I want it to snow.” Yep, he may look like Toby but he often acts like me.

I tried to get him to stop so I could record the desire for snow and he finally did – but what I got was so much better. Quentin’s Ode to Christmas.

1 thought on “Where I spend my money – Sweet December Hats

  1. Kelly

    How adorable!! I love the anticipation and excitement kids have for Christmas time. Landon has been playing with his Little People Santa and shouting “Ho! Ho! Ho!” around the house. Their excitement makes me excited and I can’t wait!! P.S. – Q is such a cutie in his hat!


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