Organizing spices

Do you ever get to the point where you just want to get control over something? Anything? Really, sometimes I get it into my head that I need to exert a little control over something. Usually this ends up with me sorting or organizing something. Today, because my brain is a bit mushy thanks to lots of travelling over the weekend, much drinking of yummy Michigan beers, and running a half-marathon.

So I took a couple of minutes to think about what needed to be sorted, what could be done in one sitting, preferably in front of a football game (it is Sunday evening after all and hockey hasn’t started yet) and didn’t require a whole heck of a lot of brain power.

Ah ha! The spices. Toby is the cook of the family but he has no memory whatsoever in most domestic-type areas. So he’ll go to the market and think “I’ll buy this and make this tonight. Oh I wonder if we have [insert herb/spice here], I should pick some up.” And we end up with three things of thyme leaves and 4 jars of cinnamon etc.

And voila, a new google spreadsheet is born. Shared with Toby of course. It lists the spices, the brand and how much we have left. Hopefully he’ll remember to check it before he buys another jar of rosemary leaves.

Am I the only one who loves spreadsheets this much? I have one for Q’s shoes, for keeping track of the baking classes available and that I’ve taken, my scentsy waxes and nail polishes. Weird right?

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