Running update – 8 weeks till my next half and other babbling.

I’ve got to figure out what motivates me. Really. I am still at the point where running seems like a chore. Where eating well, well, isn’t much fun either. So I thought I’d stop for a second and lay out my plan for the next couple of weeks and see how well I stick to it.

Monday: 6.5 km – start easy; finish faster
Tuesday: 10 km – start easy; fast 5k; finish easy
Wednesday: cross-training or rest
Thursday: 5 km – easy
Friday: 5 km – start easy; finish faster
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 13 km – easy

Sounds good I think. Should be about 40 km for the week. But as I haven’t run very much for the last two weeks 40km would be great for me right now 🙂

Other March goals:
-there are three shelves I want to put up in various spots in the house (cubby shelf in the treadmill room; rod shelf near my craft area and the other rod shelf near the washer and dryer)

-finish the pond cross-stitching picture I’m making for Q

-start knitting again – maybe make up some of the vegetables again for Q’s kitchen

-blog more regularly!

It snowed again today so it’s not looking much like spring but it’s lighter later and later every day. Spring is surely on its way….

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