Big Ben, London England

So, I’ve recently confessed my fondness for Lego. I figured I should show some of the stuff I’ve worked on. The first of the architecture series that I got and put together was Big Ben.

But first I have to confess. It wasn’t that long ago when I looked at some of the stuff on the lego website and couldn’t understand the draw of some of the “themes.” What would be the attraction for a kit to build some spaceship, I mean, what else could you do with the bricks once the spaceship lost its allure? Then Toby pointed out the architecture series and I was (almost) speechless. How cool! I want them all really but I told Toby I’d limit it to places I’ve been to, which really only means he has to take me to way more places.

But back to Big Ben. Here it is, in pictures. Hope you enjoy.

001The pieces come all split up in little bags

the pieces come in little bags


which I then sort….’cause well, it’s what I do.


A fuzzy base004




Getting to a point where you can definitely see more structure:


And there are so many pieces I’ve never seen before – the cylinders, those nifty bar pieces. So nifty.



And the roof is installed over the low portion of the building:



Until finally:


I had a lot of fun that evening. And I’ve already been working on the next one with Q. Of course that will get it’s own post eventually.

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