My parents are enablers….and spoil me rotten

So my mother calls me a month or so ago:

Mom: I want you to look this up: master of malt
Me: I know exactly what that is.
Mom: you would. Anyway, go buy the advent calendar for me. I want to give it to your father.
Me: Okay (typing in the background)
Me: They don’t ship to Canada
Mom: Then why are they advertising here?

hmmmm I dunno about that one. BUT conveniently enough my father was going to be in Malta shortly. Master of Malt ships to Malta. So the rest is history:

it's the most wonderful time of year....

it’s the most wonderful time of year….

My mom actually bought us both one. And how I knew about it? No less than four friends shared a link on facebook with me. Clearly, my friends know what I like!

Day 1 = Glenfarclas 25 year old. Man, talk about starting on a high note. One of my new favourite whiskies ever. Tangy but clean. Nutty with a bit of ginger. Consumed neat 😉 And in a price comparison the Master of Malt wins (£90 vs. £108 at the Whisky Exchange. And a whopping $237 at the LCBO 🙁 – which is about £114 so I suppose not so bad if you factor in shipping etc.) Of course finding one here might be a whole other story.

I seem to be returning to the year of my birth a lot lately. From the Glenfarclas website: “Glenfarclas was one of the first distilleries in Scotland to open a dedicated visitor centre in 1973.” It’s a Speyside whisky – both mine and my dad’s favourite whiskies are Speysides (Glenlivet and Glenfiddich respectively) Of course, those are also – according to Wikipedia at least – the two best selling single malts in the world!

I’m sure I won’t post every day for every dram but the origin story needed to be told. Day 2 is a Japanese whisky: Miyagikyo

day 2

No age statement on this one but I’m not overly concerned with that. On opening – definitely strong sandalwood. Left open for a bit – far more fruity. Definitely raisins. And my sense of smell sucks. Lots of spice on the tongue right away.  A bit of a warming punch as it goes down. A clean finish with some lingering spicey notes.

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