Dogs for super heroes…

One of the more random things we do is to pick a different charity each year to donate to monthly for the next year. Toby and I have each picked a main charity (His is MSF. Mine, well, I don’t have one right now sigh) so this is in addition to that. CanadaHelps is the website we use to help with this. I can’t remember now how I first found it (although I probably could log in and see what my first donation there was) but it makes donating easy – they take your credit card info and send the donation where you direct it.

CanadaHelps takes <2% to help run everything and you get a tax receipt for the total amount AND if you donate to more than one charity through them you get a single, easy to use receipt for tax purposes. And no, I haven’t gotten anything from them to do this. I hope they’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out they’ve been mentioned on some random whisky/baking/mom blog!

Anyway, Toby and I thought it’d be interesting to let Q choose the charity this year. I read him the big categories – animals, arts & culture, education, environment, health, international, public benefit, and social services. (note there’s also religion, but hey, I’m me, he didn’t get that option)

He picked animals. Then we went and looked at what was listed there. We all decided that something local would be great. And we found this: the Canadian Veteran Service Dog Unit. We explained to Q about how some people decide that serving their country – all of us – is the best thing they could do and they go and join the army or the navy or the air force (or help by being police officers or firefighters or EMS people) and that often it’s really hard if they have to go away and fight against other people and then come home. Sometimes the friends they went with don’t come back from fighting because it’s very dangerous and everything is just very different when they come home. And we explained that this charity helped to get trained dogs to veterans who came home and needed help.

Q was quiet but clearly thinking about something. Then he turned to us and said “super hero dogs? I want the money to go to the dogs for super heroes.”

So there we go. Money for dogs for super heroes

And happy holidays to you!

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