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Q loves the Ontario Science Centre day camps

Q has been at Ontario Science Centre day camps this week. He has loved every one that he has done – he did a couple of PA day ones last year too. A bit odd that they insisted I register him as a 5-year-old when he is six on Friday (TOMORROW!!! uhm nope, not anymore TODAY) but there you go.

Tuesday – Super hero theme

Me: So, how was camp today?
Q: great!
Me: did you learn how to fly?
Q: No?
Me: shoot spider webs? or ice?
Q: no momma. This was REAL science.

Wednesday – circus theme

Me: I wonder what you’re going to do today when it’s a circus theme. Do you think you’ll become an elephant?
Q: No momma. (insert sigh) I told you. It’s real science that we do. And we get to play and our recess was in the space area and and and

Thursday – magic theme

Q hides in his room before bedtime

Me (to Toby): Ha! Finally! He learned how to disappear at the Science Centre magic camp!
Q (comes rushing out): No momma. We do real science!

So no surprise then when, at bed time, Toby says “Good night lovely boy. See you tomorrow when you will wake up 6.”
Me: Nope. Not until 1:23 p.m.
Q: what ?
Me: You were born at 1:23 in the afternoon. When you wake up in the morning you will still be 5. In the afternoon you’ll be 6.
Q: that’s not fair! the day doesn’t change. I am 6 the WHOLE DAY
Me: yes, you’re right. You are 6 from as soon as you wake up.
Q: You are too literal sometimes momma. The day is what counts.

I’ve got a cold so you get some babbling…

I think. A really really bad cold. It hurts to swallow (my neck is actually quite tender) and my sinuses are all plugged up. I am definitely not going to run a long run today so now I have to figure out what I’m going to do in Edmonton in a couple of weeks when I am supposed to run a 1/2 marathon. I’ve run every day – at least a mile – since February 13, 2016 but I haven’t had a run of more than 10-14 km in months. Seriously. I think it’ll be a game-day decision.

edmonton marathon medalsFrom the Edmonton marathon facebook page

I was so looking forward to that coffee on Friday and instead I’ve had nothing but tea and honey. Or whisky 😉

Tea from Victoria, BC:

And I stumbled across this on that “this day in history” thing on Facebook from two years ago. I still find it pretty funny.

Q: what’s that?
Me: blueberries
Q: no, that
Me: a plum
Q: no it’s not. Plums are purple.
Me: it’s a yellow plum
Q: plums are tricky

I’ll spend some time today planning out the week assuming that I’m better tomorrow…and maybe a version where I’m not better until Wednesday.

What’s making me happy this week

So what’s making me happy this week?

Civic Holiday

Well, it was a short week this week thanks to “civic holiday” Monday. So, I’m me. Hi! And I went off to find the law that makes the August civic holiday an actual civic holiday. You know what? IT ISN’T! What the heck?! I started looking at the Government of Canada – Justice Laws Website. There is a Holidays Act. It recognizes THREE holidays. THREE! Can you guess which (answer at the very bottom).

So then I go down the rabbit hole….Christmas isn’t there. Nor Labour Day or New Years Day or Thanskgiving or Boxing Day. Where do they come from? And where can I find the damn August Civic Holiday?

The short answer is – it’s not easy. And I’m a lawyer! How crazy is that? First off, it turns out that “August Civic Holiday” is a social convention. We all just made it up out of whole cloth and everyone just keeps the charade going. It’s definitely not a national holiday – it’s not a day off at all in Quebec, Newfoundland or Yukon. And it’s not a stat day in Alberta, Manitoba, Nova Scotia, Ontario or PEI. Seriously. It’s only in 4 provinces and 2 territories that it’s an actual statutory holiday!

Anyway. Happy Simcoe Day! ‘Cause I’m in Toronto and that’s who we picked to honour. John Graves Simcoe. The first Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada and he who abolished slavery in 1793. That’s pretty cool.


Second thing making me happy this week is Q. He’s awesome. He’s decided to grow his hair. He really wants a pony tail. He’s got this weird combo of my hair and Toby’s hair. It matches Toby’s colour now exactly and my thickness/curliness. When my hair is long, most of the time it’s in a pony tail. When my hair is short, well, it’s short. I remember nothing about growing my hair from one to the other but right now, Q’s hair is ridiculous. So I made an appointment for him to get his hair cut by the guy who cuts my hair.



Not the best before-after picture but Daniel cut a huge chunk of hair off the back of Q’s head. AND kept him entertained in the seat long enough for a decent hair cut. He cut lots off the back and left the top mostly long (except the bangs). As the top catches up to the bottom, well, then pony tails happen 😉


Coffee. Oh sweet sweet….okay actually amazingly yummy and slightly bitter coffee. There is a long-standing joke in my family about the amount of caffeine I need to consume just to maintain sustenance levels. My folks have Q tonight and all I was thinking was “So happy they get time together AND I get to sleep in tomorrow and wake up to awesome coffee.” Except then I came home. And realised I was out of coffee beans. And then I checked the mail.

IMG_6765I am fortunate enough to have some pretty awesome sisters-in-law and one of them is the lady who married my brother. I adore her and she and I have a lot in common including a love of coffee. While we might differ on the whole temperature thing (she will drink it scalding hot while I add an ice cube or 3) we both like rich, full coffee. So for her birthday (and poor George’s too) I bought a 6-month subscription to a coffee-of-the-month thing from Toronto-based Birds and Beans. They only sell bird-friendly beans. My brother and SIL will get a pound of coffee a month for the next 6 months and I told the shop that she loves bold coffees so I’m hoping she gets loads of those. And I got my first one in today’s mail. The coffee maker is all ready for tomorrow. Beans in the top, filter in the filter. I’ll throw the water in before bed and just have to literally press “go” in the morning.

So. What’s making YOU happy this week?

ANSWER – The Holiday Act establishes the following days as legal holidays and observed as such throughout Canada: Canada Day (July 1), Remembrance Day (November 11) and Victoria Day (first Monday before May 25). And I still don’t know why December 25 is a holiday but I’m tired and will keep looking later.

Felis catus – first in a randomly recurring series

We currently have two cats living in our home: Silly and Panda

Silly is a ragdoll. The Cat Fanciers Association sums ragdolls up pretty nicely: large, laid-back, semi longhaired cats with captivating blue eyes. I usually say Silly is part-dog. He comes when called and loves to play catch/chase the ball. We got Silly at about 10 weeks old in November 2013:

Silly's first day

Silly’s first day

Early snuggles with Q

Early snuggles with Q

Silly about to pounce

Silly about to pounce

Panda – well, Panda was a rescue. She was described as a ragdoll but we’re not certain that she is. Someone suggested she might be a birman – which would fit her quite nicely.

Here she is when we first introduced the two together:

Why won't she come out to play!?

Why won’t she come out to play!?

Silly was not quite a year old and had been with us about 9 months when we adopted Panda.

And now:

stair snuggles

stair snuggles

So there are the four-legged creatures that live in our house full time. We also occasionally dog-sit for my parents and so this is Lindsay (It’s an older picture but one of my favourites):


Just felt like she needed a picture too. So of course, now here’s my favourite picture of their cat, Steve. (Blame Toby for his name!)

stealthy steve

stealthy steve

See you in September!

Where has the year gone? It’s already September! Funny though how September stills seems almost as much of a new year/new start time of year as January. Decades of going to school will have that effect I guess.

Q will be starting school soon – junior kindergarten here we come. But before that we had to end our summer the way I remember it as a kid – at the Ex! Or more formally, The Canadian National Exhibition.

Lights, sounds, smells, the CNE has it all. My crazy food choice this year were the deep fried red velvet battered double stuff oreos. Whew. BlogTO does a nice write-up of some of the options.

Far nicer picture from than one I could take

Far nicer picture from than one I could take

Q loved the rides – I especially liked the ones that I was too tall to ride with him lol


I had to go on the roller coasters with him

I had to go on the roller coasters with him

And as an extra special treat we got to go to two TFC games! Thanks Nannu for being away and leaving us the tickets 🙂 Q seems to be some sort of good luck charm for our boys in Red. Two games – two wins!

What does this row of numbers mean momma?

What does this row of numbers mean momma?

mmmm ice cream on a stick!

mmmm ice cream on a stick!

One last week before school starts….I need to do some shopping stat! Rain gear, lunch box stuff, water bottles….wheee

Do you have any end of summer/start of school traditions?

goofy face ;) and I don't mean mine!

goofy face 😉 and I don’t mean mine!