Wednesday’s update – getting back into the swing of things

So here was Monday’s plan:

  • I’ll stop and think before I eat or drink anything
  • I’ll focus on work at work and on home at home

Both of these were pretty good actually. I had a hungry day on Tuesday – where I just seemed hungry all day. And that’s fine. That’s gonna happen. The important part is that I stuck to eating what I wanted to eat and didn’t use it as an excuse to eat a carton of ice cream.

  • Toby and I will hang the maps Monday or Tuesday – will [take] before and after pictures
  • I’ll write notes to two friends just to remind them they’re important to me
  • One load of laundry on Monday
  • One condo viewing on Tuesday
  • Practice piano both days

Hung the maps but forgot to take before pictures! Sent a couple of e-mails which could cover the second task but I also went out and got some note cards for sending actual mail. It bothers me a little that I won’t really remember what I wrote – I just can never seem to remember what I said. In fact, I should do up a spreadsheet so I remember who I sent things to!

Laundry ✅

Condo viewing ✅

Now, except for the piano practising that was all pretty good. But the lack of practising at all is pretty bad. I am 31 days away from my first piano exam in about 35 years….

It’s starting to look a lot like spring…finally!

So I’m going to add a day and now here’s

Wednesday to Friday, May 10 to 12

Big picture stuff stays the same for now:

  • I’ll stop and think before I eat or drink anything
  • I’ll focus on work at work and on home at home

Everyday things:

  • Buy new LED lightbulbs and replace all the old outdoor light bulbs with the new LED ones;
  • Send a note to someone;
  • One load of laundry – this is a never-ending chore but sometimes it gets away from me so I’m keeping it on the list for now;
  • Practice piano every day;
  • Wednesday or Thursday I want to do some baking for work as a treat for a co-worker who is going on leave;
  • Wednesday – take Q swimming!
  • Thursday – after-work drinks with co-workers. I am almost never able to go thanks to a busy family schedule so I am not bailing out on the one that I can get to!
  • Also a bigger goal is to declutter so – post at least 2 items for sale on facebook or kijiji (or both). Does anyone ever do well selling stuff on ebay anymore?


Whisky Notes – Glenfarclas

One of the things I enjoy very much is whisky, check the name of this blog after all! And as part of my doing things more deliberately, I set a timer at 8:55 am this morning and I didn’t waver from work until it went off 50 minutes later. At that point, I got up and walked around the floor of our building twice and came back to spend 5 minutes checking personal e-mails.

One of them was from Glenfarclas telling me that they had updated their website. I marked it as unread and labelled it “want to follow up” and returned to it at lunch. First note, I don’t really remember the old website, so it’s sort of as a new viewer that I’m reviewing this one.

from the Glenfarclas website

So, the new website – first of all, thank you for not making me have to enter in my whole birth date. A simple Yes or No to the question “are you of legal age wherever you are in the world right now” was nice.

The first image is of a couple of rows of barrels. And the byline “Made to age” is nice. The font choice is very deliberate I am sure, ‘Made’ is block letters that look a little worn around the edges, ‘age’ in a great flowery flowy script.

The stories told on the site are lovely and the pictures are very nice. I loved learning that when John Grant’s son George died, the licence for the distillery went to George’s widow Elise. And nice to find out that there’s yet another George Grant carrying on the Glenfarcas tradition.

Glenfarclas is a speyside whisky. Speyside is an area in Scotland around the River Spey. For a Canadian connection, wikipedia tells me that Robert Simpson, who founded Simpson’s, was born there. And “Speyside” is a protected locality for whisky in the UK, much like a DOP rating for Italian cheeses – in English it’s “protected designation of origin.” Basically, the UK law sets out that a whisky cannot be labelled, or advertised, in a way that includes a protected locality or region unless the whisky is Scotch Whisky that has been distilled in that locality or region. (source:

The definition of “scotch whisky” in the regulation is a little over half a page!

By Drawn by User:Briangotts as Image:Scotch regions.png and converted to SVG by w:User:Interiot. – Erskine, Kevin. The Instant Expert’s Guide to Single Malt Scotch. Doceon Press, 2005.Jackson, Michael. Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch. Running Press, 2004.Wilson, Neil. The Island Whiskey Trail. Glasgow: Angel’s Share, 2003., CC BY-SA 3.0,

Anyway, it’s a speyside I spent all of the afternoon thinking about: how I would pour a drink, post a picture and some tasting notes. Only I have none! None! I must have finished it a while ago. But I already had this much of the post so there you go. You get a bit about Glenfarclas, and I add it to my list of bottles to watch out for at the LCBO.

A better day than yesterday

I found the perfect Monday logo online. Turns out it’s an IT company:

I don’t want to call it “day one” again; or a re-start. That’s getting to be ridiculous now. But I will go for “today will be a better day than yesterday.” I’ve also felt a little rudderless and end up feeling at the end of the day like I haven’t done anything.

I’m not even going to focus on a week to start. Just a couple of days…

So, Monday May 8 and Tuesday May 9:

Bigger picture:

  • I’ll stop and think before I eat or drink anything.
  • I’ll focus on work at work and on home at home

More practical:

  • Toby and I will hang the maps Monday or Tuesday – will before and after pictures
  • I’ll write notes to two friends just to remind them they’re important to me
  • One load of laundry on Monday
  • One condo viewing on Tuesday
  • Practice piano both days

Have a great week!

Grammar geek

Sometimes I get annoyed by the silliest little things. Lot of those things involve the English language. Which clearly isn’t as easy to use as it should be but spelling/pluralization/s vs z/ -ice vs -ise / etc aside, definitions usually aren’t the problem.  But seriously if you are selling a house for 16.8 MILLION DOLLARS your agent should have a better than average grasp of the English language.

Penultimate does not mean “most ultimate.” What does it mean?

Last but one.

Second last.

Walter Gretzky is NOT the penultimate hockey dad. He is awesome. I adore every story I read about Walter. But he is not the second last hockey dad.

Of course Vanity Fair gets it right about some show I don’t watch because I am old and love sports that involve ice BUT it gets it right.

And yes, this ranks up there on the “I am a geek” scale but for Pete‘s sake, get it right. Or at the very least be adult enough to recognize when you don’t really know what something means and look it up.

Oppression breeds resistance

It’s been an emotional week. And I’m not American, or even in the U.S., so I can only imagine it goes even deeper there. Well, for some. For others, as we’ve seen, they take this as their time to shine.

I’ve kept politics out of this blog till now but I cannot be silent any more. It’s just not right.

I have a sister-in-law who is a writer. Robin has written many books for kids and teens and wrote her first non-fiction book on Pride. It’s aimed at tweens I guess, ages 9 to 13 according to the publisher Orca. You really should go to the link – you can scroll through some pictures and read reviews etc. but the part I remember most about the book and the website is the reminder: “Pride Day looks like a party – but it began with a riot.”

Pride is a celebratory book – but it goes back and looks at the history, teaching it to kids maybe for the first time AND most importantly showing them that they are not alone.

A line Robin recently posted about I think it needs to be repeated again and again: “…whenever there is oppression, there is resistance. People fight back – and that’s how change happens.”

I have a lot of friends sharing things to do in the US like the 10 Actions in 100 Days. I’m trying to find similar Canadian projects so please share if you know of any!

I don’t expect to change any minds but I want others to know they aren’t alone. While I welcome all discussion, anything disrespectful will be immediately deleted.

I don’t know where I first saw this but I love it.