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Little bursts of productivity

cleaning – decluttering – before and after

Have you ever thought to clean something that you have never cleaned before? I mean, I’m pretty sure there is infinite number of things you can clean and maybe it’s just me but have you ever thought to clean your front door light? Obviously, if you have a front door light

We had a small local company come by and paint the window and door frames, railings and balcony pillars at the front of the house. The difference is amazing. It was getting pretty bad before:

rusty rail


And the after:

rust free! Or at least nicely painted over 😉

So, one of my thoughts for the weekend was to try and clean two random things. After all this other work at the front of the house, and buying those new LED bulbs I thought I’d ask Toby to take apart the porch light and I would clean it.


I don’t think it’s ever been taken apart before and there was some doubt about our ability to re-assemble it lol

left = before / right = after cleaning with soap, water and elbow grease

With me assisting by holding the glass so it didn’t fall, Toby managed to get the lantern re-assembled!


So much better!

So much brighter!