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Happy Monday – weekend craziness

Happy Monday all! We had a wonderful, warm weekend – but the kind of weekend that feels like you need a weekend to recover from it!

Friday was all nostalgia, as I went back to high school! I took a slightly longer route to get there so I could walk down the street I used to live on and see the house I spent the first 13 or 14 years of my life in. It seems like they added a nice deck to the back but the front looked a lot like it did 35 years ago.

On the street where I lived

I was on the left even as a child

I went and found my grad photos (yes, photos, I actually kinda love saying “when did I graduate? Oh, 1992. And ’93” lol)

Grad ’92

Grad ’93 – Harry Potter specs long before HP 😉

It’s such a great entrance too!

Saturday involved getting Q to drama class and me cross-stitching while waiting around. Then hockey school and a pit stop for ice cream afterwards

First he ate his

then he ate mine

Toby took Q off to gymnastics in the afternoon and then, with my folks in charge of Q for the night, Toby and I went off to the west end for a pub night for the high school. So lovely to see everyone that I did see but I missed a lot of people too because, well, I was volunteering Sunday morning!

Sunday is usually the day we have nothing so that we can recover from the week and the usual Saturday madness but instead I volunteered with EGALE running some water tables at the Scotibank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and then headed out to the wilds of Etobicoke to help my mom, an uncle, and a couple of cousins work in my babcia’s garden. Whew. 

I’m hoping for less craziness this weekend but I dunno!


NOTE: yea, I know, this went up on Tuesday but only because I couldn’t get the photos to upload on the blog. The very helpful admin for my host fixed it all overnight for me – well overnight for me, day time for him, he’s in the UK.

Peach bourbon pecan ice cream

Mmmm bourbon….

Sorry, where were we? Oh yea, last year I jarred some peaches for the first time. They turned out pretty nicely. So when we were going to be hosting a big family dinner, Toby thought we’d put the new ice cream maker attachment to our kitchen-aid mixer to use. He looked up a whole bunch of recipes and then, well, did what he always does, and winged it.

This will be peach bourbon walnut ice cream....(wiping drool off chin)

This will be peach bourbon pecan ice cream….(wiping drool off chin)

straining the peaches

straining the peaches

Toby chopping pecans

Toby chopping pecans

Toby reduced the liquid from the peach jars and added bourbon and then reduced it for a whole long while.


Then the pecans, peaches (some in much larger chunks than others), and the liquid was added to the custard.

IMG_3259And then mixed in the ice-cream maker

IMG_3253We put it in a very strong plastic storage container to go in the freezer. Right out of the mixer it’s almost like soft serve and we wanted it a bit harder than that.

IMG_3263I didn’t get any pictures afterwards. Sigh. I’ll just have to ask Toby to make it again!