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“A” is for… January?

I’m almost 45 years old and there are a few things I know about myself with absolute certainty:

  • I prefer my coffee black.
  • I love Toby and Q <3

My guys

Where was I? Oh right, things I am sure of:

  • I like hoppy beer. I’m not fond of stouts.
  • Whisky is good. So is bacon.
  • I work best with a plan – no matter how weird or loosey goosey.

Sometime in December it occurred to me what my next “plan” would be – I’d follow the alphabet! So January = A, February = B, March = C and so on. And yes, I know it’s weird. And January has been fun.

I had somehow got it in my head to read All the President’s Men. That was amazing. And my big takeaway was basically plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose! I also got the movie but as of today (January 31 no less) I still haven’t watched it. Maybe on the weekend.

I watched Apocalypse Now. I don’t remember watching it before and it’s one of the “greatest movies ever” according to a bunch of lists so I watched it. Weird doesn’t begin to cut it. And the making of it was possibly even weirder! (grave robbing, an overweight Brando, a drunk Sheen…)

Toby also got me to finally watch The Accountant, which a friend described as a “total nerdgasm with eye candy” lol. And my big lesson from this is that I should listen to Toby more often when he says he has a movie I might like (the last one was John Wick!) Violence, math and a mystery! Woohoo!

One of our new friends Andy, who himself could be an A for January but for the fact that we met on Christmas Eve, suggested this awesome song to listen to: Flatbush Waltz – by another Andy (Statman).

And I thought I was done…I was hoping to squeeze in a quick Agatha Christie read (And Then There Were None if you’re curious) but none of the local library branches had it in. Instead I found The Alienist. I’m only about 80 pages in so there’s no way I’m finishing it in January but so far it’s awesome. I had no idea it was also a new show. Hmmm It’s going to have to wait! I’m out of time.

Oh and of course there was LEGO: at a stretch the Apollo Saturn V (as opposed to having to wait until July 2019)

there’s a quarter in there for scale

What’s next? Why B of course. My boss suggested Beowulf. And it turns out the Toronto Public Library has an English-to-English translation of the Anglo-Saxon epic! And a couple of friends have suggested movies: Brave and Brigadoon, neither of which I’ve seen so I’m starting there. Let me know if you have any other ideas!

White House, Washington, D.C.

In honour of the 4th and my U.S. friends, a timely diversion.

At the start

At the start




adding the roof

adding the roof


And we’re done:

Love the little flag!

Love the little flag!

Happy Q:


I know they box says 12+ but this four year old loves it. He likes sorting the pieces and then following along with the instructions. The very small pieces – especially the plate singles – are still really difficult for him to do but he is great with all of the bricks 🙂




Big Ben, London England

So, I’ve recently confessed my fondness for Lego. I figured I should show some of the stuff I’ve worked on. The first of the architecture series that I got and put together was Big Ben.

But first I have to confess. It wasn’t that long ago when I looked at some of the stuff on the lego website and couldn’t understand the draw of some of the “themes.” What would be the attraction for a kit to build some spaceship, I mean, what else could you do with the bricks once the spaceship lost its allure? Then Toby pointed out the architecture series and I was (almost) speechless. How cool! I want them all really but I told Toby I’d limit it to places I’ve been to, which really only means he has to take me to way more places.

But back to Big Ben. Here it is, in pictures. Hope you enjoy.

001The pieces come all split up in little bags

the pieces come in little bags


which I then sort….’cause well, it’s what I do.


A fuzzy base004




Getting to a point where you can definitely see more structure:


And there are so many pieces I’ve never seen before – the cylinders, those nifty bar pieces. So nifty.



And the roof is installed over the low portion of the building:



Until finally:


I had a lot of fun that evening. And I’ve already been working on the next one with Q. Of course that will get it’s own post eventually.

I _might_ have a problem…Lego

So there are some subgroups in my online mommas’ group. There’s a healthy subgroup, a group for mommas who have a new pregnancy, a group for mommas who need post-partum support. We cover the spectrum. There’s a newish group about saving money. Those who are trying to do more with less.

I posted this recently as a “high”

High (but also a little sad really, ’cause I am super lame). I got an email about the ability to purchase the new Simpsons Lego set before it goes on sale to the general public (why yes, I am a Lego VIP, I told you it was lame). I will buy it eventually but I don’t need to buy it early. It’s not like I have to be the first of my friends to get it. Honestly, no matter when I get I will be the first of my friends to get it lol. So I will wait for a double cash back on ebates first. Or a double VIP points event on the Lego site. I thought that was pretty good, and would offer some amusement for you all.

Seriously. None of my friends care about Lego. But look at this: 


but I can wait. Really, I can wait.

Especially when my mom told me to order this for my birthday:

4,287 pieces. 102 cm long. I may faint.

So what’s your guilty pleasure? Thankfully my family humours mine!