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I _might_ have a problem…Lego

So there are some subgroups in my online mommas’ group. There’s a healthy subgroup, a group for mommas who have a new pregnancy, a group for mommas who need post-partum support. We cover the spectrum. There’s a newish group about saving money. Those who are trying to do more with less.

I posted this recently as a “high”

High (but also a little sad really, ’cause I am super lame). I got an email about the ability to purchase the new Simpsons Lego set before it goes on sale to the general public (why yes, I am a Lego VIP, I told you it was lame). I will buy it eventually but I don’t need to buy it early. It’s not like I have to be the first of my friends to get it. Honestly, no matter when I get I will be the first of my friends to get it lol. So I will wait for a double cash back on ebates first. Or a double VIP points event on the Lego site. I thought that was pretty good, and would offer some amusement for you all.

Seriously. None of my friends care about Lego. But look at this: 


but I can wait. Really, I can wait.

Especially when my mom told me to order this for my birthday:

4,287 pieces. 102 cm long. I may faint.

So what’s your guilty pleasure? Thankfully my family humours mine!