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See you in September!

Where has the year gone? It’s already September! Funny though how September stills seems almost as much of a new year/new start time of year as January. Decades of going to school will have that effect I guess.

Q will be starting school soon – junior kindergarten here we come. But before that we had to end our summer the way I remember it as a kid – at the Ex! Or more formally, The Canadian National Exhibition.

Lights, sounds, smells, the CNE has it all. My crazy food choice this year were the deep fried red velvet battered double stuff oreos. Whew. BlogTO does a nice write-up of some of the options.

Far nicer picture from blogto.com than one I could take

Far nicer picture from blogto.com than one I could take

Q loved the rides – I especially liked the ones that I was too tall to ride with him lol


I had to go on the roller coasters with him

I had to go on the roller coasters with him

And as an extra special treat we got to go to two TFC games! Thanks Nannu for being away and leaving us the tickets 🙂 Q seems to be some sort of good luck charm for our boys in Red. Two games – two wins!

What does this row of numbers mean momma?

What does this row of numbers mean momma?

mmmm ice cream on a stick!

mmmm ice cream on a stick!

One last week before school starts….I need to do some shopping stat! Rain gear, lunch box stuff, water bottles….wheee

Do you have any end of summer/start of school traditions?

goofy face ;) and I don't mean mine!

goofy face 😉 and I don’t mean mine!

White House, Washington, D.C.

In honour of the 4th and my U.S. friends, a timely diversion.

At the start

At the start




adding the roof

adding the roof


And we’re done:

Love the little flag!

Love the little flag!

Happy Q:


I know they box says 12+ but this four year old loves it. He likes sorting the pieces and then following along with the instructions. The very small pieces – especially the plate singles – are still really difficult for him to do but he is great with all of the bricks 🙂




Looking ahead – 2014

I don’t really do resolutions but I find myself looking ahead this year at what I want to do; what I want to achieve; how I want to feel when I look back over the year.

I want to be sure that I’m spending time with Q not just being present. Even silly things – we usually watch an episode or two of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse before bed. Instead of being on the laptop while sitting on the couch beside him, I’m going back to the “snuggle time” and playing and stuff during the show. It may seem like a small change but he seemed to really like it tonight.

I’m also going to try and be sure we get some outdoor time every week. I know he does at “school” (aka day care) but we need to get out as a family too.

Clearly, he takes a bit more after me than Toby…

low IMG_6177Spending time outside will actually be a bit easy (hopefully) now that Q is 3 (THREE!) years old, he and I are signed up for caregiver and tot skating lessons at a park close by the house. Our first lesson is Saturday morning. I’m so excited. I hope he likes it. Or at least is willing to go the second time.

I also want to spend more time with Toby. The trip to Dallas and Las Vegas over New Years was great but we should do more together at home too. Our big family trip looks to be a visit out west with Toby’s family. I cannot wait. They’re all so lovely (and I’m not just saying that on the off chance they read this!) and Victoria, B.C. is beautiful.

a relatively recent picture of Toby

a relatively recent picture of Toby

And finally I want to spend more time with myself. Ha, that sounds funny. I mean I want to do more quality things than just futz about online when I can’t sleep. I want to carve out some time to practice French, to knit and cross-stitch, and to bake – for others at least if I can’t have any!

Health wise – I didn’t meet my goal of running 1500 km in 2013 but I cracked 1000 km which I had never done before. Mostly that was thanks to the encouragement of my friends in doing a running streak through December (running at least a mile (or 1.6km) a day, every day, in December). Thanks to timing and everything I actually made it from November 30 to January 2. 34 days. Not too shabby. I was pretty inconsistent throughout the year and that’s the number one thing I’d like to improve on in 2014. I kept the same 1500 km goal though just to push myself 🙂

Weight wise – I lost, and kept off, about 22-25 pounds. I’m about 10 pounds heavier than my lightest weight in 2013, but considering we’ve just come out of the holidays, and 3 and a bit days in Las Vegas, I’ll take it.

I’m going to try and focus more on being healthier rather than just “lose the weight.” This also means I’m going to try and do other things beside running – a weekly spin class for example. Also yoga. I think I need more yoga. My hamstrings tell me so. And yea, ideally, I’d manage to lose about 30 pounds too.

Not to say running won’t be important. I already have a 10k and two halfs (one in Washington and one here at home) on the calendar for the year. I’m also hoping the 10 miler happens again this year. But I’m going to try and balance it with other things.

Anything you’re looking forward to?

Where I spend my money – the 100-mile child

Last summer we bought a house in Riverdale (I really should get on those posts eh?!)  We’re within a short walk of the Danforth to the north and Gerrard East to the south. A little further south gets us to Queen St. East and Leslieville. All very nifty areas.

Broadview subway station is on the Danforth, as is the closest LCBO (for my US friends, this is the government owned liquor store where you can purchase, uhm, booze) and Shoppers Drug Mart and the post office that we have to go to to pick up larger packages or stuff we need to sign for. Plus there are restaurants galore and I’m sure I’ll post more about those as time goes on but the shop I’m focusing on today is called the 100-mile child. I think I only noticed it the first time because it’s right beside the post office and there were sunhats from Snug as a Bug on a rack outside. I have bought a TON of PJs from them for Q, our niece and nephew in PEI and the kids of our good friends. They’re made in Toronto near where I grew up.

IMG_4828The idea behind 100-Mile Child is kinda obvious: sell products made by companies who manufacture their items locally. This is great from an environmental view point and also great for supporting local, and often very small, businesses. Now, it turns out the “100-mile” part isn’t literal. Some of the products are from Quebec for example BUT you can search on the website for the truly local stuff. And they all seem to be environmentally friendly and lots of fun.

We stopped in to buy another sunhat so we could leave one at daycare permanently. We let Q pick his own:


He said he liked all the animals and listed them off after having seen the hat for 10-15 seconds!

He said he liked all the animals and listed them off after having seen the hat for 10-15 seconds!

When we went inside to play pay we found a whole range of other items for babies and toddlers and big kids too. Puzzles and trucks and dress up clothes and paper products and more. Q chose this puzzle made in Dunham Quebec:


We have since acquired two more:

three puzzles and he has to work on them all at the same time...sigh

three puzzles and he has to work on them all at the same time…sigh

One is a penguin on ice and the other is a duck.

And these are definitely going on my wish list for Q: http://www.the100milechild.ca/product.php?id=1068

danish alphabet blocks!

They also accept the LiveGreen Toronto Membership Card. I signed up for one of them a while ago but haven’t used it ever. Apparently it gets me 10% off any products they have labelled as “green.” Nice to get a bit off if there’s something I’m looking for but cannot find on sale!