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10K runner – week three

Monday – Ahhh PEI. Basically a rest day with some wandering around town and chasing the kids.

Tuesday – I forgot how different it is to run on a boardwalk! Most of my runs are on city sidewalks!

Week 3 Day 3 of the 10k Runner app.

Total time:  30 minutes Total Distance:  3.4 km Pace: 8:57 min/km

Wednesday – Canada Day! It was pretty windy – so much so the fireworks were rescheduled to Thursday.

Charlottetown lighthouse

Charlottetown lighthouse

Week 4 Day 1 of the 10k Runner app.

Total time:  34 minutes Total Distance:  3.8 km Pace: 8:53 min/km

Thursday – a far bit of walking around town but not much else.

Friday – Definitely SHOULD have run on Friday but I didn’t 😉 Another gorgeous beach day. Q and his cousins and a friend hunted for clams and eels and snails and crabs.

Rebel IPA in the birthplace of Confederation ;)

Rebel IPA in the birthplace of Confederation 😉

Saturday – Didn’t run Thursday or Friday so I had to run on Saturday. We did a little bit of running around Saturday morning, picking up some things my mom wanted from Charlottetown and going to the farmers’ market and stuff like that. Then lunch and some lovely local beer and the next thing I knew it was time to go to the airport. So a late run when we got back to the house in Toronto but I did it!

Week 4 Day 2 of the 10k Runner app.

Total time:  36 minutes Total Distance:  4.2 km Pace: 8:39 min/km – Hey I cracked 4k! 😉

Sunday – Yippie! Week 4 of the app is done in 3 calendar weeks. I’d really like to get up to 5 runs a week but even the 5 minutes running (which I did yesterday and today) was a bit challenging for me so maybe I will stick with 4 a week for a little bit longer.

Week 4 Day 3 of the 10k Runner app.

Total time:  34 minutes Total Distance:  3.9 km Pace: 8:49 min/km

Okay – I am glad I got the 4 runs in but too much food was eaten and WAY too much beer was drunk. Toby is cleaning out the fridge and stocking up keto-friendly foods. We’re a little beat still though so we’ll be keeping it a little easy for a couple of days. I still have my eyes on those cream-cheese pancakes to try!

10K runner – week two

Monday – Rest and some cooking and cleaning around the house.

Tuesday – Another physio appointment. My shoulder is also acting up so now I have exercises for my wrist and my shoulder and reminders on the importance of posture!

Week 2 Day 2 of the 10k Runner app.

Total time:  28 minutes Total Distance:  3.1 km Pace: 8:58 min/km

Wednesday – Long day out with my dad for the TFC-Impact game and TFC won! Woohoo!

ahhh white wine in a plastic cup

ahhh white wine in a plastic cup

Thursday – More physio. I can’t do yoga or anything yet but I stumbled across this routine that I thought I would add to my day for the next two weeks – doing it twice a day, once mid-day at work and once at home before bed.

BUT I did want to run today, the evening just got away from me and I didn’t even end up getting to sleep until almost 12 🙁 Which means of course I have to run Friday – Saturday – Sunday to make my 4 runs a week minimum goal!

Friday – I wore my “fast” shoes today. The Saucony Cortana 3s. I’m still trying to get used to them – they have a much smaller heel drop than my usual shoes.

Week 2 Day 3 of the 10k Runner app.

Total time:  31 minutes Total Distance:  3.5 km Pace:  8:57 min/km

Saturday – Saturday was a whole lot of running around. We went and got some craft things at Michael’s for Q and I and some new clothes for Toby. Then a swimming lesson for Q and a soccer game for my dad and I. Oh and after that I had to do all the packing!

Week 3 Day 1 of the 10k Runner app.

Total time:  26 minutes Total Distance:  3 km Pace: 8:34 min/km

Sunday – I didn’t want to run! I wanted to sleep in! Q was at my parents’ house but I had to run to get my four runs in on the week so I did. Week 3 Day 2 of the 10k Runner app. I forgot to start my watch in time so the first 5 minute walk were just an estimate. In the cool wet rain!

Total time:  26 minutes Total Distance:  3 km Pace: 8:44 min/km

Sunday was also the weigh in the other dietbet I’m in.  it was hard but I’m happy to say I made this dietbet’s challenge – now of course, I know myself and we’re off on a family vacation so I am going to try and be reasonable! Keep up with the running and the posture thing and cut myself a little slack on the food.

10K runner – week one


Eek! I wanted to post this last week but had to go and find the picture I wanted 🙂

Last Sunday, June 14, 2015, I ran 15k on Toronto Island. That isn’t pretty impressive except for the fact that I think I ran about 5 km total in May and maybe 15 total in April. But I had signed up for the Nike Women’s 15k Toronto ages ago and, well, really wanted that necklace.

Nike + Tiffany & Co.

Nike + Tiffany & Co.

And I promised myself that if I did it and didn’t die or end up hating myself afterwards I’d regroup and move on. So I did.

Monday – Week 1 Day 1 of the 10k Runner app.

I think the app cost about $5 and it sets out three runs a week for 14 weeks for a total of 42 runs. I know I can run 10k BUT what I want to work on is consistency and, maybe, getting rid of the intervals – right now I still mostly run/walk (so I ran the 15k last week as running 5 minutes, walking 1) and I thought I should finally try to get rid of that. So we’ll see how it goes.

I’m also still recovering from a soccer injury to my wrist right now so I’m not able to do any yoga or strength work involving my arms. So for now at least, just the running. Oh and I’m aiming to run 4-5 times a week and not three like the app says SO the titles of these threads will follow my Monday to Sunday week and not the app’s ‘weeks’. So Monday was week 1 day 1.

Total time: 25 minutes Total Distance: 2.6 km Pace: 9:38 min/km

Tuesday – Week 1 Day 2 of the 10k Runner app. Went out at 9 pm which in and of itself is pretty impressive I think 🙂

Total time: 30 minutes Total Distance: 3.2 km Pace: 9:22 min/km

Wednesday – rest day!

Thursday – I had a physio appointment today. My wrist is getting better and I was given some exercises to do to start strengthening it. She said I should still hold off on strength training and yoga. Hopefully I’ll get the go ahead soon!

Friday – Week 1 Day 3.

Total time: 30 minutes Total Distance: 3.3 km Pace: 9:05 min/km – not sure where that improvement came from but it was nice to see!

Saturday – Busy busy family day! It was nice to go out with Q to a birthday party and stick to my eating plan.

Sunday – Week 2 Day 1

Total time: 28 minutes Total Distance: 3 km Pace: 9:19 min/km

Sunday – June 21 this time – was also the weigh in for a dietbet I’m in.  The idea is to lose 4% of your weight in 4 weeks. I was actually in two. One that ended on Sunday June 21 and one that ends Sunday June 28. I’m happy to say I made this dietbet’s challenge – now to keep it off for one more week!

Next week, I’ll try to run at least 4 times again and ideally 5, especially as I’m still not allowed to do anything that requires pushing, pulling, lifting or moving weights or applying any pressure on my wrist!

Day 2…

saw this on facebook today:



It’s exactly what I needed to see today. March 2, 2015 was my “day 1” – which is why this post, on March 3, is called “Day 2.” I’m not sure how many “day 1s” I’ve had but I know it’s been a lot. But I know that having one more is better than not having another one at all.

I’m back to being close to my heaviest weight in recent memory and haven’t run in ages (3.25 km on February 11 in case you’re interested). My mid-February half in New Hampshire was postponed and I will DNS Around the Bay at the end of March. Both these things actually make me sad so I figured maybe I actually like this running thing (despite thinking that running is stupid) BUT the thought of jumping back in where I left off was way out of the question.

I thought about what my main goal is – and it’s to become healthier. And to do that I have to stop, uhm, stopping. So I thought I’d go back, way back, to the beginning. Start small in order to build the consistency; to make this a true habit. It’s always been a chore and I want to see if I can finally stop being my usual lazy self. I dug out the learn to run plan I did aeons ago but then realised that I’d do better if it was easier to follow (the plan I have is on a word document chart I made up in 2007 or something). Everyone always recommends the Couch to 5K program to new runners so I downloaded that. And did Week 1 Day 1 today 😀

My plan is to never go more than 2 days without running and to finish the whole program before our trip on May 3. It should be doable. I’ll let you know!

Scotiabank training – week 1 (of 12)

So here’s last week’s plan in brief and how I did:

Monday – rest – no problems here

Tuesday – easy run – on treadmill after soccer

Wednesday – tempo run in the morning. I went a little fast I think but over all pretty good. Lots of lengths at swimming which was great.

Thursday – easy run; skipped it thanks to heavy legs so went to the local pool with Q instead

Friday – rest – yippie! another completely successful day 😉

Saturday – oh my goodness. I went to that class at energia athletics. It’s called “iron core.” It’s like an ab-intensive yoga-kinda class. I thought I was gonna puke for large portions of it. Once I got home and ate a little and had a shower I signed up for next Saturday 🙂

Sunday – Intervals – woohoo I really think I had a great first session of my 800m intervals. I did them a little fast so I’ll have to watch that in order to be able to hold the speed for a kilometre intervals that I’m supposed to do this week!

Monday – this should really be in the week 2 list but I moved the week 1 long run to today because it’s a holiday. I’m waiting out the humidity and thunderstorm watch that we’re currently under.

Edited to add: managed 10km in 26c + 80% humidity plus another kilometre as a cool down so that’s: 30km on the week (plus a day)

Total kms on the week: 19km and hopefully 10-13 more for my long run today.

Pre-DC half-marathon in April 2014

Pre-DC half-marathon in April 2014

And here’s the week 2 plan:

Tuesday – tempo run in the morning. No soccer today because my dad and I are going to the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup. Finland plays Korea at 5 pm and Canada plays Ghana at 8 pm. Wheeee

Wednesday – short easy run in the morning and swim class in the evening

Thursday – short easy run – just getting time on my feet

Friday – 1km intervals – I’m a little nervous!

Saturday – that iron core ab class again

Sunday – short easy run