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Q loves the Ontario Science Centre day camps

Q has been at Ontario Science Centre day camps this week. He has loved every one that he has done – he did a couple of PA day ones last year too. A bit odd that they insisted I register him as a 5-year-old when he is six on Friday (TOMORROW!!! uhm nope, not anymore TODAY) but there you go.

Tuesday – Super hero theme

Me: So, how was camp today?
Q: great!
Me: did you learn how to fly?
Q: No?
Me: shoot spider webs? or ice?
Q: no momma. This was REAL science.

Wednesday – circus theme

Me: I wonder what you’re going to do today when it’s a circus theme. Do you think you’ll become an elephant?
Q: No momma. (insert sigh) I told you. It’s real science that we do. And we get to play and our recess was in the space area and and and

Thursday – magic theme

Q hides in his room before bedtime

Me (to Toby): Ha! Finally! He learned how to disappear at the Science Centre magic camp!
Q (comes rushing out): No momma. We do real science!

So no surprise then when, at bed time, Toby says “Good night lovely boy. See you tomorrow when you will wake up 6.”
Me: Nope. Not until 1:23 p.m.
Q: what ?
Me: You were born at 1:23 in the afternoon. When you wake up in the morning you will still be 5. In the afternoon you’ll be 6.
Q: that’s not fair! the day doesn’t change. I am 6 the WHOLE DAY
Me: yes, you’re right. You are 6 from as soon as you wake up.
Q: You are too literal sometimes momma. The day is what counts.

See you in September!

Where has the year gone? It’s already September! Funny though how September stills seems almost as much of a new year/new start time of year as January. Decades of going to school will have that effect I guess.

Q will be starting school soon – junior kindergarten here we come. But before that we had to end our summer the way I remember it as a kid – at the Ex! Or more formally, The Canadian National Exhibition.

Lights, sounds, smells, the CNE has it all. My crazy food choice this year were the deep fried red velvet battered double stuff oreos. Whew. BlogTO does a nice write-up of some of the options.

Far nicer picture from blogto.com than one I could take

Far nicer picture from blogto.com than one I could take

Q loved the rides – I especially liked the ones that I was too tall to ride with him lol


I had to go on the roller coasters with him

I had to go on the roller coasters with him

And as an extra special treat we got to go to two TFC games! Thanks Nannu for being away and leaving us the tickets 🙂 Q seems to be some sort of good luck charm for our boys in Red. Two games – two wins!

What does this row of numbers mean momma?

What does this row of numbers mean momma?

mmmm ice cream on a stick!

mmmm ice cream on a stick!

One last week before school starts….I need to do some shopping stat! Rain gear, lunch box stuff, water bottles….wheee

Do you have any end of summer/start of school traditions?

goofy face ;) and I don't mean mine!

goofy face 😉 and I don’t mean mine!

10K runner – week five

Monday – Physio again BUT it’s looking like I’ll get cleared for yoga and strength training on Thursday!

shocking my shoulder....

shocking my shoulder….

Week 6 Day 2 – still doing 10 minute runs but with a 3 minute walk in between them instead of 5.

Total time:  33 minutes Total Distance:  3.9 km Pace: 8:30 min/km

Tuesday – I wasn’t feeling very well Tuesday so I took a rest day.

Wednesday – What ever started yesterday hit today. I stayed home from work ill and slept more than I can remember.

Thursday – Physio – And cleared for yoga!

Still feeling a little off so no running today BUT at this point I know I have to run Friday – Saturday – Sunday in order to hit my 4 runs a week minimum!

Friday – Week 6 Day 3. I’ve been nervous about this for days: 5 minute warm up walk; FIFTEEN minute run; 3 minute walk; 5 minute run; 5 minute cool down walk. But I went out and did it! Yippie!

Total time:  33 minutes Total Distance:  3.9 km Pace: 8:26 min/km

Saturday – Week 7 Day 1 – well if I could do a 15 minute run, I could do a 20 minute one right? Yep! 5 min warm up – 20 min run – 5 min cool down

Total time:  30 minutes Total Distance:  3.52 km Pace: 8:32 min/km

Toby went out and bought a flat of strawberries so there was jam to be made. I’m doing up another post for drunken strawberry jam but here’s my “before” picture:

drunk jam

drunk jam

Sunday – Week 7 Day 2 – Repeat yesterday’s 5 min warm up – 20 min run – 5 min cool down

Total time:  30 minutes Total Distance:  3.51 km Pace: 8:34 min/km

Saturday and Sunday were both pretty hot and humid so both runs were done at 8:30 and 9:30 at night respectively. I really gotta try and get to bed earlier so I can get up and run in the morning!

But I was super happy I still went out and ran on Sunday despite the late hour. I was rewarded with this view from my doorstep:

Sundays Run

Scotiabank Half Marathon – Here I come!

Well, I officially started my training plan for my half marathon in October – Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront. An online running friend sent me a copy of Ryan Hall’s training plan last year and I tried to do it leading up to my half in September but then I got sick, or hurt, or caved for some other reason 😉 So I’m going to try again.

I’ve changed it around a little to accommodate the other things I’m doing now (soccer on Tuesdays and swimming on Wednesdays for the summer and yoga Monday mornings and one other day starting soon).

Anyway the plan for this week – which started Monday but I’m posting on Thursday so…

Monday – rest – easily accomplished!

Tuesday – easy run – did after soccer so really not much to report this week

Wednesday – tempo run first thing in the am – ended up with just shy of 8 km at 7:10 min/km. The plan was to do 1 km warm up slowly (like 8 min / km) then 6.5 km at 7:04 min/km and then a half km cool down. I didn’t think to restart the app I’m using (Nike Running) after the warm up so I just kinda went with it and ended up as reported – 7.9x km at 7:10 min/km.

Swimming in the evening – we did a lot of lengths this week. We reviewed the main strokes and then tried to do our “continuous lengths” which are a requirement for the adult 3 lessons the city does. There were only 2 of us this week – she’s got a lot of things down that I don’t, like whip kicks and the eggbeater. I’ve never learned those. But if nothing else I’ve got endurance. We were supposed to do 4 to 12 lengths. The other person got 2 done. I stopped after 7. Only ’cause I kinda felt bad for our teacher watching me. I really really have to work on that eggbeater thing and diving.

Thursday – easy run – Today I missed it. My legs are heavy thanks to the soccer Tuesday and run and swim on Wednesday so Q and I went off to Riverdale Pool after work instead. Great fun!

Riverdale Pool – from “the grid”

Now this weekend is a holiday so it’ll be a bit messed up I think.

Friday – rest

Saturday – strength training class at energia athletics. I’ve been there for spinning classes and a yoga class and this will be my first strength training class. They’re really close to home and a nice place. I bought a groupon for 10 spin classes and it was great. If you’re local they also have a special for new people – $20 gets you unlimited classes for a week: spinning, yoga, or kettlebells!

Sunday – I’m moving Friday’s intervals to Sunday. This will be my first intervals for this training:
5 x 800 m @ 6:40ish min/km with recoveries at half the interval time

holiday Monday – instead of a rest day I’m going to do my long run on tired legs. 13km. Wheeee

I’ve also decided to raise money for a charity for the race too. There are over 160 charities listed as official charities that you can sign up and raise money for. All the usual big ones are there so I started looking at the smaller ones. And there were still a TON of very great places: Toronto Cat Rescue, Autism Speaks, the ROM Foundation, and more. I went with something very very local.

The Red Door Family Shelter. For over 40 years the Shelter has been providing emergency housing and support services to women who are escaping domestic violence, and to refugees/families experiencing a housing crisis. But they don’t stop there! in fact, the money raised at Scotiabank will go to directly supporting the weekly food bank they have for families who have recently moved out of the shlter.

So imagine, you’ve been in a shelter fleeing from an abusive situation with your kids. And now you’re out on your own. You have a place to call home but 70% of your pay is now going to rent. The food bank gives you that little bit of a buffer. Here’s a link to my fundraising page. I’ll also be adding a link to the side over there once I can figure it out. If you’ve got any fundraising ideas let me know! I’m thinking of making a draw for example, for every $X you donate you get a ticket. There will be some random draws at the end for fun things – some prizes I’ve won that I won’t use, a hand-knit scarf, coffee gift card, that sort of thing. What do you think?

My Review of Shredded Natural Rubber Pillow – Kid Size

This is a review I originally submitted over at Grassroots. They’re a local shop that carries lots of “green” products. Everything from cleaners to toys, from clothing to, well, to pillows. They had a link to automatically post the review to my blog so I thought I’d test it out.

Originally submitted at Grassroots Environmental Products

Features:100% Organic Cotton cover
100% Shredded Natural Rubber filling
Medium support pillow
Removable cover for easy cleaning
Dust-mite repellent
Antibacterial, hypoallergenic and dust resistant

Our toddler son loves this pillow

By whiskybaker from Toronto ON on 4/8/2014
4out of 5

Pros: Keeps Shape, Comfortable

Cons: Heavy

Best Uses: Sleeping

Describe Yourself: Midrange Shopper

We bought this and the wool pillow for our toddler son. He loves the size – they are clearly HIS pillows. I think he prefers sleeping on the rubber pillow but it’s too heavy for him to carry around the house (like he used to do with his old pillow). He carries around the wool one instead.