Just a bit of niceness

Most of the time I say I don’t like people. They are often thoughtless and wrapped up in their own world – all you have to do is go anywhere, I’d imagine, during rush hour. Drivers run yellows, pedestrians try to beat approaching emergency vehicles and cyclists go the wrong way up one way streets. People litter, or smoke outside restaurant entrances or don’t give up their seat for the elderly.

All that to say that when someone stops and does something nice it makes me just that little bit less annoyed with mankind.

One of those happened today.

construction crew
construction crew

This is the truck working on a street I walked down to get Q to day care today. There’s a guy on the ground watching a guy operate a huge jackhammer from about 5 feet above the ground. A big loud jackhammer. I’m trying to think of how to do this: ask Q to cover his ears and rush by? cross to the other side? while I hesitate I see the guy on the ground tap the legs of guy on the jackhammer. Jackhammer guy stops. Ground guy looks up and says “baby.” Jackhammer guy nods. I say thanks to ground guy. He smiles and nods. And they don’t start up again until I’m more than half way down the block.

Just a little bit of niceness.

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