Diversions Get Baked

Feeling old – music through time….

Okay bear with me, this is worth it.

I’m making lemon scented blueberry cupcakes for a co-worker’s going-away lunch tomorrow. That was his request which is kinda sweet if you think about it.

This will be cupcakes...
This will be cupcakes…
naked cupcakes
with cream cheese icing and fresh blueberries

So, I’m in the kitchen listening to Q107 – I love classic rock. Ballroom Blitz comes on (right before that was Bohemian Rhapsody!) . Anyway, I’m singing away. I look over at Toby who’s come down to get a snack, and I say “maybe I should listen to something written in the last 20 years.”

Toby: When do you think this song is from?

Me: (speechless. Then cursing.)

Toby: Please, look it up…

Me: Okay, I’ll say mid-80s?

Toby: Look it up.

Me: *(&%& 1973 Ballroom Blitz is AS OLD AS I AM

Toby has this look on his face. I don’t like where this is probably going to go.

Toby: I was thinking of Q listening to the music you listen to and that you like and sing to him. So when you were five, if you were listening to someone about your age now, singing songs that came out the year they were born…. can you look up what the big songs were in 1936?

Me: WHAT?!?

For the record: Bing Crosby – Pennies from Heaven

The way you look tonight – the Fred Astaire version

But by far my favourite: Sweet Home Chicago. Toby tells me there’s a great story about Robert Johnson. You can read all about the legend of the man here – apparently he sold his soul to the devil to be able to play.

but the long and the short of it is – Toby should be nicer to me 😉

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