And it all works out in the end…

To be added to the “it works out in the end” file….

I was half-joking about never having any money ever again thanks to Q’s activities and the house and wanting a new piano etc. And _then_ Q says that he wants to try hockey this year.
Captain Zoom before a Marlies’ game last season
I put off buying equipment. Avoided it for a bit. Especially over the summer when he grows like a weed. And also trying to figure out how to budget for equipment he’ll grow out of in a year. Sigh.
So imagine my delight when I receive the following e-mail:

Hello Parents

I am happy to announce:

    The … Hockey School programme, has been lucky enough to be selected this year to partake in The Maple Leafs Grass Roots Skating Partnership.  What that means for you, is that among other benefits, your child will be fitted for and supplied with Full Gear (this does not include jock/jill or neck guard).  This programme is open to all first time registered Hockey School participants.  Full details regarding the programme along with details regarding equipment fitting dates and location will be provided shortly. You and your child must attend!

    The Executive … are thrilled to be able to offer this program to you at no cost.  Please join us in thanking the Maple Leafs for bringing this awesome and terrific program to our community!

EEK! We’re going to go this Friday to get Q all kitted up. I’m a bit excited. And extremely grateful to the Maple Leafs Grass Roots Skating Partnership. (Not sure where actually to link to so that’s the MLSE Foundation link)

Considering Q still half thinks I’m the goalie for the Leafs this is just adding to the legend.

hey! that’s me!

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If you played for the Leafs they would have won a cup by now… 🙂

Amazing generosity!

There was a recent joke about having Q dress up as a ninja-ballet-hockey player for hallowe’en.

I’ve heard horror stories though about hockey parents and so tried not to sway him at all about hockey. But he wants to try and we have let him choose his own way so far…

What an opportunity to let him try it without it being full-on crazy pricey! I think it’s good that he wants to try different things and yay for the ability to let him do it. 🙂

I know right!? We were so happy tonight – the volunteers from MLSE were lovely and the kids were all so happy. I kept thanking them and saying how appreciative we were.

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