Positive Affirmations – mindfulness day 1

Affirmations are an interesting idea. On one hand, I completely get the idea of neuroplasticity – networks in your brain change as they grow and reorganize. But how to move from thinking something to being something or doing something… I’m still not sure.

For months and months now, I really don’t remember when I started, (though in true Lisa-fashion, I started a google sheet in January 2020 so that I could keep track) my first post of the day on FB has been something positive. A word of thanks, a mantra for the day, a quote. Anything. From a quick “you got this” to a quote from Audre Lorde and a huge first comment explaining my thoughts. One little thing I’ve learned is that it means so much to me to help other people. The best days are the days where people say “I needed this today” or really every little thank you.

The idea of affirmations is, as I understand it of course not being trained or anything, that the more you repeat an idea, thought, image, the more you believe it. So thinking more positively helps over time – like water eroding rocks.

One of my favourite posts is to remind people to be as kind to themselves as they are to others. So my affirmations for August:

I am a good person

I matter

I believe in myself

I love ALL of me

I make mistakes

How can you change something you usually tell yourself to be more positive? Can you really change a “negative” to a “positive”? And I don’t mean in that “I’m a perfectionist” response to a job interview question about your weaknesses kind of way.

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