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Turning 50 (in 2023)

This is quite possibly the most “all about me – look at me” thing I have ever done but once I got the idea (years ago now actually) I couldn’t forget about it. I figure I really want to do it and I will risk the consequences of someone thinking I’m being all grabby or insensitive or rude or something.

So anyway, here we are now, about a year-and-a-half until I turn 50 and I have the most awesome idea for my birthday but it would require other people to do a bit of work. Am I allowed to do that? Am I allowed to ask for a specific present? I know that most people might not want to buy me anything anyway but someone might think it’d be fun.

Basically, for the longest time I’ve wanted a full set of Agatha Christie books. Like all of them – and there are a lot of them (almost 100, more than a 100 if you consider different versions as different books).

A collage of ten different covers from Agatha Christie novels.

At first I had it in my head that I wanted them all to match – so the same series from one publisher. But then I had a brilliant idea. Instead of them all to match, I want them all different – new, used, plain paperbacks, fancy hardcovers, whatever. AND so I thought for my 50th I’d ask people to buy me a book and write a message in it (or on a bookmark/card inside) and send it to me.

I’m still trying to think out the logistics and how to do it. Naturally, I have a spreadsheet of all the books. You can send me a copy of your favourite (if you have one; and really I would find it amusing if I end up with 10 copies of murder on the orient express!) or ask if you want to know what has already been received. Maybe you have a dog-eared copy that you know you should get rid of but feel bad for just tossing? Or a copy that an ex-partner left on the bookshelf? Or you stumble across a Russian copy in a used book shop in New York or whatever.

I don’t think it would work if I had to wait until March 2023 to open them all – so if that would upset you then write “WAIT” on the package. Otherwise I’m just gonna open them and share what I’ve received as I get them.

The scene below is what’s going through my head of course – so do please forgive the imposition of my request. There is obviously no obligation at all on anyone to play along; there will be no score card; I will not think you love me any less – I’m pretty good at assuming that if you read this blog and we’re friends on FB or whatever that you love me as I am – foibles and all.

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