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Galaxy Cross Stich – week 1

Ohhh so this was a bit of fun actually. I had decided to use for the weather. And then this happened:

well, that was unexpected

I ended up chatting with someone in the facebook group who is also in Toronto and told me that she uses a website from the Canadian government so I went over there and have now switched to using the temperatures as reported by NavCAN from the Toronto Islands. The Island is about 10 km away by car. Pearson Airport (where the weather is traditionally taken from I guess) is about 25 km away. And in a whole other city!

Anyway, here’s the first week:

-4 degrees C = DMC 550

I explained in the first Galaxy Cross Stitch post that I have a spreadsheet – of course I do – that I use to keep track of the temps and the colours and all of that jazz.

For the first seven days of January in Toronto:

Highest high: 5* – on January 1

Lowest high: -3* – on January 3

I’ve used the same colour twice two times already!

Oh and another nifty thing – apparently @muzic_drama06 did a tiktok about it and it’s been watched almost half-a-million times!!

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