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Galaxy Cross Stitch – week 2

Here’s the galaxy after another week has passed! (so up to Jan 14, I’m a little behind)

I used 3 new colours that I hadn’t used in week 1 and six different colours in week 2.

I have a new “lowest high”: -5* C on January 5

The highest high was 4* C on January 4 – so it was a big of a swing there.

The numbers after the = in the captions are the DMC thread numbers.

AND I figured I should move the hoop after a couple of weeks so here’s the full fabric update. I tried to not move the needle minder so that you get a good idea of what portion of the fabric you usually see in the photos:

The pattern is from Climbing Goat Designs – websiteetsy

The fabric is from Mystic Fabrics – website

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