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Feeling old – music through time….

Okay bear with me, this is worth it.

I’m making lemon scented blueberry cupcakes for a co-worker’s going-away lunch tomorrow. That was his request which is kinda sweet if you think about it.

This will be cupcakes...
This will be cupcakes…
naked cupcakes
with cream cheese icing and fresh blueberries

So, I’m in the kitchen listening to Q107 – I love classic rock. Ballroom Blitz comes on (right before that was Bohemian Rhapsody!) . Anyway, I’m singing away. I look over at Toby who’s come down to get a snack, and I say “maybe I should listen to something written in the last 20 years.”

Toby: When do you think this song is from?

Me: (speechless. Then cursing.)

Toby: Please, look it up…

Me: Okay, I’ll say mid-80s?

Toby: Look it up.

Me: *(&%& 1973 Ballroom Blitz is AS OLD AS I AM

Toby has this look on his face. I don’t like where this is probably going to go.

Toby: I was thinking of Q listening to the music you listen to and that you like and sing to him. So when you were five, if you were listening to someone about your age now, singing songs that came out the year they were born…. can you look up what the big songs were in 1936?

Me: WHAT?!?

For the record: Bing Crosby – Pennies from Heaven

The way you look tonight – the Fred Astaire version

But by far my favourite: Sweet Home Chicago. Toby tells me there’s a great story about Robert Johnson. You can read all about the legend of the man here – apparently he sold his soul to the devil to be able to play.

but the long and the short of it is – Toby should be nicer to me 😉

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Keto breakfast – jalapeno popper frittata from I breathe I’m hungry

I like planning out my food a little more than Toby does. BUT he does most of the cooking usually. I thought though I’d hit a couple of goals (improving my breakfasts and saving money by not buying breakfasts at work) by looking for breakfast ideas that I could make ahead of time and re-heat at work.

I used to visit the blog I breathe I’m hungry a lot so I headed over there. And found a recipe for Jalapeno Popper Frittata. I adore jalapeno poppers! I asked Toby to get the ingredients I’d need but that I’d do up the recipe myself. I think he was a little speechless.

filling ingredients

A couple of notes: you’ll need three tablespoons total of chopped jalapenos. I got a little over three tablespoons from an 8 cm long jalapeno (a little over 3 inches). If you want some slices for the top instead of chopped, then slice the wide end of the jalapeno first and chop the rest.

Also – we must be one of the few families left without a microwave. Blending the cream cheese, cheddar cheese, salsa verde and jalapenos on the stove top wasn’t hard at all and only took a few minutes (maybe 5 tops) at med-low temperature.

cheeses melted on the stovetop
cheeses melted on the stovetop
006 filling in the dish
melted cheese filling in the baking dish
007 filling topped with egg custard
filling topped with the egg mixture
008 topped with cooked bacon
everything topped with bacon

And here it is about to go into the oven:

009 topped with cheese and peppers

And here it is right out of the oven:

010 out of the ovenThe house smelled lovely!

So this was made Monday evening and I had it for breakfast each morning from Tuesday to Thursday. (I have one last piece ready for tomorrow)  It reheated really well in the office microwave and was just as tasty as on Tuesday. I probably wouldn’t push it any more than that though in terms of eating already cooked eggs and bacon.

And here it all is ready for the week ahead.

011 portioned out

Next up will be cream cheese pancakes!

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Peach bourbon pecan ice cream

Mmmm bourbon….

Sorry, where were we? Oh yea, last year I jarred some peaches for the first time. They turned out pretty nicely. So when we were going to be hosting a big family dinner, Toby thought we’d put the new ice cream maker attachment to our kitchen-aid mixer to use. He looked up a whole bunch of recipes and then, well, did what he always does, and winged it.

This will be peach bourbon walnut ice cream....(wiping drool off chin)
This will be peach bourbon pecan ice cream….(wiping drool off chin)
straining the peaches
straining the peaches
Toby chopping pecans
Toby chopping pecans

Toby reduced the liquid from the peach jars and added bourbon and then reduced it for a whole long while.


Then the pecans, peaches (some in much larger chunks than others), and the liquid was added to the custard.

IMG_3259And then mixed in the ice-cream maker

IMG_3253We put it in a very strong plastic storage container to go in the freezer. Right out of the mixer it’s almost like soft serve and we wanted it a bit harder than that.

IMG_3263I didn’t get any pictures afterwards. Sigh. I’ll just have to ask Toby to make it again!

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Pistachio spice biscotti

Can’t do chocolate every week right? Heck, I’ve really got to try and post a keto recipe soon too else no one will believe me anymore!

Anyway, I am a BIG soft and chewy cookie fan. I tend to not like crunchy/crumbly cookies very much. But then there’s always the exception that proves the rule. These are them.

I always make these chocolate – coffee biscotti for my mom for her christmas parties but I’m not a fan of (a) crunchy cookies and (b) coffee-favoured things. Most people seem to like them but I definitely do not. An online running friend commented that I always made the same cookie and so I set out to find something different. Especially ’cause during the winter I can mail cookies out to my friends. I’m sure they want something different too.

The recipe is from Cooks Illustrated. It’s a pay site so I can’t just link to it 🙁 BUT it’s awesome if you love to cook. They break everything down and explain why it works etc. There’s a great recipe for gingerbread cookies – two actually, one chewy one crispy – and explains why the change works.

Anyway, here’s my prep shot:

This will be biscotti
This will be biscotti

The pistachios were toasted a bit first so the kitchen smelled wonderful.

chopped pistachios
chopped pistachios

And here’s what they look like before the first baking with an egg wash on top


And the final cookies:

IMG_5427They were a big hit, AND even I liked them 🙂

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Sweet Saturday – Chocolate stout cake with bourbon icing

I occasionally bake for my co-workers and those lucky enough to have offices near ours. It keeps me in practice and I get to make stuff that sounds especially yummy. When I’m not eating keto I love beer, well, even when I am eating keto I love beer I just try really really hard to drown my sorrows in whisky in its various forms, but I digress…

I like beer. So I loved when I stumbled across the beeroness. I can’t remember if someone pointed the blog out to me but I’m glad however it happened. Anyway, when I saw her recipe for Epic Chocolate Stout Cake with Chocolate Bourbon Sour Cream Frosting, well, I gasped. And made it for my co-workers.

This will be chocolate stout cake
This will be chocolate stout cake

Although I usually follow recipes to a T the first time I make it, here I made two layers instead of three. I ended up with some cupcakes instead.

two layers
two layers
and some cupcakes
and some cupcakes

The icing was quite lovely.

this will become the icing...
this will become the icing…

And seriously, I _LOVE_ my mixer

IMG_3352And here’s the final result:

remembered to take a picture after half was eaten
remembered to take a picture after half was eaten

The icing is a bit stiff so it needs to come out of the fridge well before you want to ice it.