Day one

My brain picked the title of the post as soon as I thought I should write on the blog again. I’m not entirely certain what “day one” is for though – I mean, it’s not day one of social/physical distancing, because we’ve been doing that for weeks now; it’s definitely not day one of Covid-19, which has been around for months. And I hope my brain didn’t go all hokey on me and pick it because of the whole idea of “the first day of the rest of your life” or some such nonsense. But in any event my brain picked the title and I’m gonna go with it.

This is me with more hair than I’ve had in a while. Not sure when my next haircut will get to be!

What comes next? I dunno. More posts I hope – about reading, stitching, random babbling. How are you doing?


A better day than yesterday

I found the perfect Monday logo online. Turns out it’s an IT company:

I don’t want to call it “day one” again; or a re-start. That’s getting to be ridiculous now. But I will go for “today will be a better day than yesterday.” I’ve also felt a little rudderless and end up feeling at the end of the day like I haven’t done anything.

I’m not even going to focus on a week to start. Just a couple of days…

So, Monday May 8 and Tuesday May 9:

Bigger picture:

  • I’ll stop and think before I eat or drink anything.
  • I’ll focus on work at work and on home at home

More practical:

  • Toby and I will hang the maps Monday or Tuesday – will before and after pictures
  • I’ll write notes to two friends just to remind them they’re important to me
  • One load of laundry on Monday
  • One condo viewing on Tuesday
  • Practice piano both days

Have a great week!


Slow cooker oatmeal – ver. 1.0

Even Q liked the slow-cooker oatmeal! Of course, once you swirled it around, his became chocolate oatmeal. I added in a banana and he polished off the bowl.

IMG_6689So version 1.0 is very simple:

1 cup steel cut oats
3 cups water
a few grinds of salt from the salt mill

Stir it all together in a slow-cooker, set it on slow and go to bed. Or work. Or otherwise ignore it for 6-8 hours. Mine was about 7. Add in what you like in the morning. Mine has some cinnamon on it. Q’s is the one on the right.

Left overs are in the fridge in a ziploc container. I’ll reheat them in the morning and maybe try a different spice combo for mine.

I think ver. 2.0 will be a flavoured batch – apple cinnamon maybe 🙂


13 weeks to Around the Bay

At some point or other I told myself that if the Around the Bay 30k ever happened _ON_ my birthday then I’d sign up. Maybe I just didn’t think it’d happen so soon!

So today, Monday, December 29, 2014 = 13 weeks away to the race and I really gotta get on this whole training thing! So here’s this weeks plan:

Monday – easy short run if I wake up in time; otherwise a rest day 😉
Tuesday – easy 5k run and maybe a cardio HIIT at the end; and lunch time yoga
Wednesday – a little faster than easy 8 km
Thursday – weights; stretching at home
Friday – rest
Saturday – easy 5k run; and a HIIT at the end
Sunday – 11 km long run

The 30km will be my longest race to date. Which means an automatic PR and means I can just do the run and not stress so much about the time.

wish me luck!


The week ahead – Monday June 9

So I keep falling off the wagon as it were. But I guess if it were easy, no one would be overweight and every one would be fit. And I suppose the important part is picking myself up, dusting myself off and starting again.

So here we are. Here we go again. Back in the saddle again… how many cheesy musical references do you think I can make? Hmmm

I weighed myself this morning. This morning’s weight is X. No, I’m not going to post it out there for everyone to see. Today’s weight is X. I didn’t take any pictures this morning but I will tonight and will update this post then.

[pictures to be posted here I promise!]

So I’m definitely back on keto – too much beer and junk over the last little while. We have a non-keto day planned for June 21, so 12 days of keto, 1 day off-keto. Then on June 22, I fly to PEI for a week. I’ll do my best there to stay on keto but it’ll be a bit harder because I won’t be home. I’ll be sure to log and do what I can though to stay on track.

And here’s the plan for the upcoming week, health wise:

Monday – rest after yesterday’s 5k and a crappy night’s sleep; depending on how I’m feeling I’ll try and go for a short run tonight

Tuesday – I’m in net for a rec soccer game at 8 pm. Not enough of a workout for me to count it as cardio and if I had gotten something done on Monday I’d treat Tuesday as a rest day but Monday was a rest so I’ll get up early to run on Tuesday.

Wednesday or Thursday – one of these days I’ll go spinning after work; the other day I’ll go for a short run in the morning.

Friday – going to try for a short run (30-45 minutes) in the morning and a 30 minute swim at lunch.

Saturday – Q has soccer on Saturdays now so between that and the market, Saturday is spoken for. Toby also has choir on Saturday mornings so hopefully I can go for a run in the afternoon if it’s not too hot outside.

Sunday – long run day. I’ll be happy with an hour or so, and will go up to an hour and a half.

I’ve also got to figure out a training plan for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon – I’m running the half. Most plans I’ve found are done in miles so I need some time to convert it to kms and timing etc. I want to start the Monday after I get back from PEI which would be 16 weeks out from the half. A long cycle to be sure but, as is painfully obvious to all, consistency isn’t one of my strong suits so I’d like the ability to do a couple of the early weeks more than once to build up that consistency.

Other health goals for the week:

  • Log everything consumed every day on my fitness pal.
  • No alcohol till Friday.
  • On May 26 I counted that there were 219 days left in the year. I want to be active for at least 80% of them – so 175 days from May 26. I’ve managed 9 of 15 since then. And I’m waffling on whether to get a run in tonight once Toby starts getting Q ready for bed. I wonder if there’s a counter I can find to help keep track?