Something about me…

For context, we (Toby, The Mighty Q and I) were chatting over dinner a week or two ago. We talked about how Toby reads books super fast, and how I read really slowly.

Q said he liked when I read out loud to him still (awwww) and I said I thought that was maybe why I read so slowly – I actually feel like I’m reading out loud, but in my head. Thankfully they got what I meant.

I mentioned how I thought it was so amazing how our brains all worked differently – like how I basically have a running narrative most of the day and that I discovered that most people can actually picture things in their mind. Both Q and Toby stopped and demanded an explanation.

Oops! doodle hand drawn vector typography

I explained that someone had posted something on FB and asked whether people could picture things in their minds and I realised that that meant some people COULD do this.

You see where I’m going right?

I cannot. I close my eyes. I see darkness. I can see light shadows – like actual light shadows, if you look at a bright light though a grill and close your eyes and you see the grill and light still? That’s what I mean.

But like, close your eyes and imagine an apple? My brain can describe an apple but I cannot SEE an apple. I see darkness and my never-stop-talking brain tells me about what I am thinking about.

A couple days later Toby asks “have you heard of aphantasia?” (turns out he was watching YouTube and a video came up and because we had just been talking about it he watched…)

Me: hmmm is that when you can like smell colours, or taste sounds?

Toby: no, that’s synesthesia. Aphantasia is when you cannot see images in your mind.

Huh. It has a name. Wiki link here.

First an objection – the definition: or at least the etymology:

derived from the ancient Greek word phantasia (φαντασία), which means “imagination”, and the prefix a- (ἀ-), which means “without”

Oh dude – I have GOT an imagination thank you very much. I am working on stopping, or at least slowing down, the worry spirals I go on imagining all the possible negative outcomes etc. Lack of imagination ain’t my issue.

I just don’t see pictures in my brain. And I really didn’t think very much about it because it’s the way it’s always been. My brain talks to me, it doesn’t show me pictures.

WAIT a minute.

My brain doesn’t show me pictures – when I am awake.

I definitely dream. And I have – what I have also discovered is weird / unique – the ability to remember my dreams a lot of the time and to influence what I am dreaming. Like to the point where if I wake up but want to go back and see how it ends, then if I can drift off to sleep again I pick the dream right back up like if it was just a commercial break and the program resumes. And I usually know that I’m dreaming and can change the story if needed.

So there you go. First post in ages and I thought I’d share something about me.

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Around the house In the kitchen

Random cleaning chores

It occurred to me, probably as I seem to be inundated with “spring cleaning” e-mails, that there are some things that I really ought to schedule into my life. The things that you don’t think about on a day-to-day basis.

This happened to me also because I was reading a short story about bugs in a ceiling light fixture and looked up and there was a bug casting a shadow in the family room light fixture so I took down the five fixtures on that floor and gave them a good wipe and dusted the bulbs and stuff. And felt very accomplished.

So I googled “monthly chores” and “seasonal chores” and poked about a bit.

Somethings that I haven’t thought about cleaning:

  • baseboards
  • curtains / blinds
  • screens – like computer, tablet, phone
  • the in-house garbage cans
  • light fixtures

Things I have thought about cleaning or have actually cleaned in the past but can’t remember the last time I did:

  • the dishwasher
  • the ovens
  • the coffee maker (this is fine, I just got a new one!)
  • the outdoor bins
  • pillows

I am grateful that we have someone who comes to our house every other week and does a really good clean of the bathrooms and kitchen and also vacuums and gets all the floors clean.

So I made a new page in my journal for monthly chores, so at least I have someplace to start! I guess I will also have to do one for “seasonal chores” – I mean, I don’t think I need to clean the ceiling light fixtures monthly….but maybe they do attract a lot of bugs. I’ll have to monitor!

So – cleaned the dishwasher on 6 March. We pretty much run the dishwasher every day. Toby cooks a lot (yum)! and we’re mostly still working from home so there are lots of coffee and tea mugs and water bottles and lunch plates etc.

I took out the filter and washed it. Took out the spray arms and soaked those in soapy water while I wiped down the rubber seal and the sides of the door – how the heck does the side of the door get so gross?!? For all the general wiping I just used a cloth and some random “all purpose cleaner” I got in some eco-friendly cleaning subscription box of stuff I once got seasonally that has now sadly gone out of business.

Then I reassembled all the parts, put a bowl of white vinegar on the top shelf and ran a sanitizing cycle.

until next month anyway…

What’s next?

This week’s focus I think will be catching up on all the mending – Q has a few stuffies with ribbed seems and a couple pairs of trousers that need mending as well.
Also I need to get going again on the basement. I’ve gone through the shelves under the stairs, so next up is the actual suitcases. How many suitcases do we need really?!?


Getting to PEI – Feb 2023 Edition

Again… working on that whole consistency thing…

Here’s the chart from the last update to the end of February.

28/2/2023RunGarmin bgnr 5k2.1 km20:079:27
25/2/2023WalkDefault2.1 km25:22:0012:09
25/2/2023RunGarmin bgnr 5k1.9 km20:1310:39
24/2/2023RunGarmin bgnr 5k1.2 km9:117:51
20/2/2023RunLearning2.7 km27:09:0010:02
15/2/2023RunLearning3.0 km30:09:0010:14
13/2/2023RunLearning3.0 km30:08:0010:05

A total of 16 km for February. Well, February is a short month. But yea, nothing between 22 January and 13 February. That doesn’t help the overall numbers at all.

Also though – no yoga on that little chart eh? I am feeling this today – early in March writing about February and thinking to myself, damn my hamstrings are tight….

But enough! Moving on now to the good stuff – see the change on 24 February? “Garmin bgnr 5k” is when I started a new training plan based off my new very fancy training watch: a Garmin 255 🙂

I’m sure I’m not using even half of what it can do but so far I love it a ton. I do still have the habit of setting it off when I’m just reading or whatever; my hand twigs the top right button and then the watch thinks that I’m about to do something active as opposed to sitting on the streetcar reading a novel lol

The garmin beginner 5k plan starts with you picking between three different online coaches – I chose Coach Amy. My first run was a benchmark test that was 9 minutes long:

2 minutes walking warm up

5 minutes running – walking if you need to

2 minutes walking cool down

Then the next two runs were:

5 minutes walking; 1 minute running x 3

There was also a good long walk in there that I counted! Mostly because it was me walking all the way to my massage ❤️ And yes, I am well aware that 1 minute running is a bit less than what I can do but I needed a win okay!

So 16 km in February plus the 81 km to the end of January = 97 km-ish. Which puts me near Pork Hope Ontario: moving link here.

Port Hope always meant I was half-way back to Kingston (where I went to law school) but apparently lots of other people will recognize it because IT – the movie IT and its sequel – were filmed in Port Hope; it stood in as the fictional Derry, Maine. (IMDB link to Port Hope).

The other thing Port Hope is kinda known for, confirmed by wiki:

Port Hope is known for having the largest volume of historic low-level radioactive wastes in Canada

And last, but definitely not least: Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny! The Ganaraska River (the “Ganny”) flooded in 1980 and caused oodles of damage to Port Hope. And now they commemorate this with a 10k race: canoe, kayak or “crazy craft!”

(a footnote: Google maps says it’s 1,700 km by car from Toronto city hall to Charlottetown city hall – so I am about 5.7% of the way there. Well hell!)

Book Diversions Reading Review

Bookish – 3 Cs

I am a little behind on this too! But catching up on posts is kinda fun in a way… These were all read in 2022! Oops

In Cold Blood : A true account of a multiple murder and its consequences by Truman Capote

The Storygraph key words: nonfiction classics crime true crime adventurous dark tense slow paced

Me: This is one of those books I’ve actually had for ages but couldn’t remember actually reading. It was really interesting to see how Capote told the story with the various viewpoints and shifting the narrative around. However now that I’ve read it, I’ve handed it off to my dad who also hasn’t ever read it. So it’s out of the house!

The Wealthy Barber: The common sense guide to successful financial planning by David Chilton

The Storygraph key words: nonfiction business informative fast paced

Me: It was pretty good for a financial book written in the late ’90s 😉 The basics are good and tie in nicely with my supposed focus on being more mindful with money. It talks about “paying yourself first” (we have automatic RRSP/TFSA account contributions on top of our workplace group plans) and those kinds of basics. I also have the sequel somewhere in the house but it can wait I guess: I’ve had this one for years and years. It went into a local free library as soon as I was done.

Nosy Parker: by Lesley Crewe

The Storygraph key words: fiction historical emotional funny lighthearted medium-paced

Me: this was a fun read. It takes place in Montreal during the expo. You definitely get the idea that family is what you make – friends become family and the “ideal family” just doesn’t exist. It’s told from the perspective of a middle-school-aged kid. I was a little nervous about this but it was actually quite good and not at all cutesy (as I feared). I gave this away on our local free group on FB ’cause I knew I wasn’t gonna read it again.


Uhm Running to PEI 2023

Getting to PEI (just catching up basically)

So it seems the last time I updated this was at the beginning of December. Which is really the last time I did anything consistently at all.

Here’s the post up to 4 December 2022.

And then from December to the end of January:

datewhatwherehow farhow longpace
22/1/2023RunrandomDef2.8 km28:5210:30
17/1/2023RunTreadmDef2.7 km28:0710:35
13/1/2023RunTreadmDef2.8 km28:0210:10
7/1/2023RunEG TrackDef2.6 km30:1911:43
4/1/2023RunTreadmDef3.0 km30:0510:00
3/1/2023Yoga Def 20:00 
2/1/2023RunTreadmDef2.6 km25:049:43
31/12/2022RunrandomRace5.1 km49:039:40
10/12/2022RunrandomDef2.8 km31:0611:14
6/12/2022RunrandomDef2.5 km26:1710:29

Oh look! ONE yoga session. One. Sigh.

28.5 km up to 4 December. And then 52.1 km (roughly) from then to the end of January – so 81 km. Which puts me really in the middle of nowhere it seems – between Newcastle and Newtonville in Ontario. Newtonville is considered the eastern end of the GTA (which, because I’m me, made me go look up “western end of the GTA” which is apparently Burlington. Distance from Burlington to Newtonville? 123 km by car as per google maps, 113 by foot.)

You’ll maybe notice a race in there. I decided to re-start running. Laura said “ohhh I like running with other people let’s run together.”

And then later, Laura “by the way, I may have roped Abby into this.”

And then “Oh and I found a race….”

So then Suzy (who’s moved on to marathons since the last time I ran with her) agreed to run the NYE race too.

The race was awful. I hadn’t run for 3 weeks before. I wasn’t nearly ready at all for a full 5k. But I did it and I didn’t die. Though maybe I should have had more than 1 pint before the race (even if I was the one driving).

I was worried (as usual) about being late. We were early enough to have pints before the race.

It did remind me though of all the reasons I like running (honestly it’s the time to myself, feeling the air and the rain (or snow) and being in the dark and the light and paying attention to new streets or sounds or smells. But the aloneness is awesome. And running by the lake? At night? In winter with the snow? BLISS.

As you can see from my tracking that bliss feeling kept me going for a week. And then I fell all to pot again with a really bad cold. So much so that I’m still trying to come back even though I’m writing this mid-February! I ordered myself a new Garmin running watch and also signed up for a new training app that I’ve never even heard of before. And well, tomorrow is a Monday so that’s as good a time as any to start again!