A big blank page

I had a blog once. Started it off on blogger but then I thought I’d learn wordpress and got myself my own domain and everything. Kept at it off and on. Then someone hacked it (my fault for not updating wordpress often enough!) and I pretty much lost everything.

I was sad and more than a bit annoyed but then I realised (thanks to my ever-calm and encouraging husband) I could make the best of it and just start fresh.

So here I am. A brand new blog. A big blank page to play with. Where better to start than with a little bit about me and the cast of characters that will appear in the future?

This is me:

Me - and Q of course
Me – and Q of course

I like to bake – most at holidays and parties and for co-workers. I also love whisky – of any sort, single malt, blends, rye, bourbon. Hence the name of the blog – basically I just think it sounds right.

This is Q:

Q blog1

Born in January 2011, he is our not-so-little guy.

This is Toby doing what Toby usually does:

Toby reads
Toby reads

When I am at risk of going off on flights of fancy and/or despair, Toby keeps me grounded. He makes me laugh like no one else can. He is clever and a pretty great cook too.

We live in Toronto:

view blog1

I was born in Toronto and aside from some short term projects (you know, university and whatnot) Toronto has always been home. Luckily Toby doesn’t seem to mind it too much.

There will be posts about our adventures house hunting. There will be posts about running and losing weight (although I’m the baker, I’m going to avoid eating my own treats for the next few months as we undertake a keto experiment). There will be photo posts starring Q. There will be random posts about friends and Toronto and what I’d buy if I won the lottery. Maybe some crafty stuff thrown in. I’m not creative enough to develop my own recipes or knitting patterns but I like showing what I’ve done and how I did it.

Basically the blog is going to be my random ramblings; the kind of things I might talk about if we were sitting at the local having a pint and the Wings are playing. Or Tottenham Hotspur. Or curling. Or the Jays.

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