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Edgar the Bernedoodle

aka the Bernegoof

Okay, not really, I just came up with that today.

I stopped to take a picture of the city from the park – it’s cool and windy and the lights and the clouds look really pretty.

Picture of downtown Toronto skyline at night taken from the hill at Riverdale Park East.

And I swear the dog saw me pull out my phone and take a photo. Then he walked out in front me, sat down, and posed.

Same as the skyline photo with a large cute dog front and centre

I didn’t really even have a choice. So I thought I’d make this late evening post about the dog.

From day one:

bernedoodle puppy's face takes up most of the photo - he's sticking his tongue out.
One of the very first pictures I took of him – in my dad’s van that we went to pick him up in.
bernedoodle puppy lying beside pale, slightly hairy legs; you can see a pale wooden floor.
This gives you an idea as to his size back then.

…to today – uhm just look up a little

Oh wait – same pose again from October:

Same as last photo but dog is much much bigger

Both his parents were bernedoodles too – and so while the breeder thought he would end up about 45-50 ish pounds, I think he mostly sucked out the Bernese Mountain Dog genes and not so many of the poodle genes. He started off about 5 kg when we got him at about 2 months old (about 11 pounds) and weighed 35 kg in September at the vet visit, (about 16 months later; about 77 pounds).

He is definitely mostly my dog, though Q is getting more and more used to him. Especially as Edgar is becoming less and less jumpy and over-eager. And Edgar loves Toby but will spend ages barking at Toby when I leave for work or to go out or what have you. Sigh. Really not sure how to work on that one but we’re trying!

Edgar and I did a puppy class and then two levels of obedience. The obedience classes were at Dog Logic – and I really cannot say enough good things about Madelayne and her team. He goes to day care there too now occasionally especially when we’re both going to be out of the house for a long day! And it’s so much fun to see the photos they post on IG and that they send to me when he’s there.

Bernedoodle dog sitting up with a bright blue wall behind him. A small white dog is photo-bombing from the left side.
He’s being photobombed by Mikey – who has known Edgar since they were about the same size!

There are a couple of things we’re still working on:

First, not jumping on people when he’s excited to see them! This is especially true for friends either visiting the house or if we bump into them on the road.

Second, getting him more used to me brushing him. I really suck at this so we’re starting from scratch again – I’m going to try using a lick mat and some frozen peanut butter and just a couple of minutes at a time and we’ll see how it goes.

Third, I want to incorporate more “training time” with him on a daily, or really every-other-day, basis. Going over what we already know, adding a few things here and there (working on stay as I increase the distance between us; definitely working a bit more on leave it again – ahhhh garbage day walks are always fun; that sort of thing).

Sometimes there’s a lot of Sheryl Crow going around in my brain but I am very happy Toby finally agreed that we could get a dog and I am so very happy that dog is Edgar.

A selfie of a lady with kind eyes and grey hair and a round face and a scruffy looking bernedoodle

Oh and if you want to follow him on IG you can: @edgar_fluufle


Getting to PEI (weeks 3-4)

I would really like to get a bit more consistent in doing the plan 3 days a week!

The stats for weeks 3 & 4:

4/12/2022RunrandomDefault3.5 km35:1910:06
2/12/2022RunrandomDefault3.6 km36:0810:04
29/11/2022RunrandomDefault3.1 km31:4410:19
26/11/2022RunTreadmillDefault3.0 km31:0710:19
23/11/2022RunTreadmillDefault2.8 km28:2010:01

What I tried to do was “catch up” to where I would be if I had actually done three runs a week. So Friday December 2 was week 4 day 2 and Sunday December 4 was week 4 day 3 (even though I should be somewhere in week 3). It was not at all fun – so instead I’m gonna go back and actually do week 3 properly.

Anyway though, I did run three times this week! Yippie! I’ve gone up from running 90 seconds to running 3 minutes (and walking 2) to running 5 minutes (and walking 3 and then walking 2 – those 5s though are where I died so going back to 3s and then I think 4s before I get to 5s again).

A 2-week total of 16 km (ish). And about 28.5 km to date.

I’ve made it along Highway 2 (which is called Kingston Rd here) to between Sheppard Ave East (Toronto) and Altona Road (Pickering) – so I am smack dab in Rouge National Urban Park. It’s apparently the largest urban park in North America.

ADDED: I found a place to track it on a map! PLOTAROUTE

There’s an Act! *swoon* The Rouge National Urban Park Act.

The centre of the park is the Rouge River. Which is also the boundary between Toronto and Pickering. It’s part of the Oak Ridges Moraine watershed. I’ve never really been out there but it looks amazing. I really wanna go!

A picture of trees, flowers and a path. Could be anywhere but apparently it's in the Rouge somewhere.
From the Rouge’s website.

Visit the Rouge is the Canadian government website for the park. It has all sort of links to the area and planning out a trip, including letting you know how to get there and parking info and there’s even an app. Hmmmm I did finally threaten cajole Q into trying snowshoeing with me this year (I’ve never done it!). This seems like a great place to go for that.

Map of the entire Rouge National Urban Park.
Parks Canada:

Oh and then I found this stunning map on the Canadian Geographic website:

A relief map of the Rouge National Urban Park - a sort of colourized street map.

I tried to find a photo taken from the park of the City and I found this from 2017 on Park Canada’s twitter account:

A picture of some dude in a hipster sweater staring (what I assume is wistfully) over fall foliage in the direction of Toronto.

If you look very carefully, the CN Tower is there (albeit very faintly) in the top left corner behind the other skyscrapers.

Anyway, a month to leave the city. And I’m a little under 4 weeks away from my first 5k race in ohhhh 4 years. What the heck race did I run in 2018? Oh yeah! A fundraising run for Shelter Movers – still an amazing organization.

Diversions Toronto

Tourist in my home town – Grange Park

NOTE: I took these pictures in October 2019. I thought they would be good to share now during physical distancing so we can remember what’s waiting for us all when we’re done.

Tucked away behind the Art Gallery of Ontario and OCAD University is the most lovely little oasis.

At one time it was basically the back yard for The Grange (which was the original home of the AGO and has it’s own long history) and now it’s a lovely spot to wander, listen to kids playing on the playground, or water gurgling through the splash pad (in summer) or from the fountain:

(there was a person who was obviously quite fond of the fountain hanging around it and every time I went to take a picture would try and move into the shot. I’m not sure if they wanted to be in the picture or just stop me from taking it but I eventually got this photo)

I really love the way Toronto can pull off nature in the middle of the city!

And of course, the love affair with Henry Moore continues:

Large Two Forms - Henry Moore
Large Two Forms – Henry Moore

The Henry Moore Sculpture Centre in the AGO is the largest public collection of Henry Moore’s work – and he gave most of it to the gallery.